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The Age of Dragons Metaplanes Rule Book is now available!

The Black Ledger is also now available as an 'In Character' Prop for Throne of Shadows.

Deoir nan Diathan Rule Book is now available.

Forum Link for online activities and plot: URUTAU

Facebook Group Link for event details: ELEMENT


2020: Year Twenty of The Age of Dragons:

After a break, and working within guidelines for Coronavirus, Element returns in late 2020 following a sixteen year time skip… Please bear in mind, 2020 events may get cancelled if it is considered unsafe, concerning the virus. We will try to update an event status as promptly as possible.

One-Day 'Social Event': July 25th: 'Communion'.

Weekend Event: August 14th - 16th: 'Eruption Part One: Light'.

Weekend Event: September 18th - 20th: 'Eruption Part Two: Darkness'.

Weekend Event: October 9th - 11th: 'Eruption Part Three: Gloom'.

One-Day 'LARK' Event: October 31st: 'The Mouth of Madness'.

One-Day 'Deoir nan Diathan' Event: November 7th: 'This our Land'. More information about 'Deoir nan Diathan' can be found through the following link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/106754359801873

One-Day Event: November 14th: 'Unbound Symphony'.

2021: Year Twenty One of the Age of Dragons:

Special Event: August 1st - 8th: Week Long Event: 'Ful Dovah Kein Los Fundein'.

2026: Year Twenty Six of the Age of Dragons:

Special Event: August 1st - 8th: Week Long Event: 'Dovah Rah'.

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