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The 4th Edition ELEMENT: Age of Dragons rules are available through the 'About ELEMENT' page of this wiki.

ELEMENT 2018: Year Two of The Age of Dragons:

1: January 26th - 28th: Indoor Weekend Event: 'All that you Mead…'

2: February 24th: One-Day 'Throne of Shadows' Event: 'Dead Lights'.

3: February 25th: One-Day Event: 'Qymrynat'.

4: March 30th - 1st April: Weekend Event: 'Five Rings of Gold'.

5: April 28th: One-Day 'Throne of Shadows' Event: 'The Cliffs of Despair'.

6: April 29th: One-Day Event: 'Stormsfall'.

7: May 25th - 28th: Long Weekend Event: 'Moot'.

8: June 30th: One-Day 'Throne of Shadows' Event: 'Reasons to be Cheerful'.

9: July 1st: One-Day Event: 'Summer's Child'.

10: August 4th - 11th August: Week Long Event: 'Imagine Dragons'.

11: September 29th: One-Day 'Throne of Shadows' Event: 'The Web'.

12: September 30th: One-Day Event: 'Aiming High'.

13: October 26th - 28th: Weekend Event: 'Safe…'

14: November 30th - December 2nd: Indoor Weekend Event: 'ELEMENT & Throne of Shadows…'

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