ELEMENT is a Live-Action Role-Playing Game set in the fantasy world of Urutau where the forces of The Elemental Union do battle against the machinations of The Agents of the Void. Players have the option of creating characters who are either Champion races of the Elemental Union, paragons of their element blessed with particular advantages, or heroes from the elemental races who do everything within their power to match the evil of the Vidians, the races of the Void who would have dominance over all of Urutau. There is no class restriction to prevent characters following any designs of their choosing, though magic remains a difficult discipline to master if a character seeks initiation. Character Creation is the same for everyone who plays, based on a system of set priorities and the points gained by their arrangement to create the character you want to play.



Element was designed and written by Trevor Halliday and first presented in 2006.

The written resources are available for purchase from Lulu, who will often have special deals on book orders.


The ELEMENT Role-Playing Group (E.R.G) is a small group whose purpose is to run the ELEMENT game and through the game, enjoy role-playing in a friendly environment. Our events are run in Kent.


One-Day Events, which shall take place at Hope Hill Camp site cost:
- £5 per day for Adults.
- £2.50 per day for Children.

Standard Weekend Events (Friday - Sunday), which shall take place at Hope Hill Camp Site cost:

- £20 for Adults (£5 for Monster Crew Only, check with Referee Team please for availability as spaces may be limited by event).
- £5 for Children.

A Day Pass for Adults at Weekend Events are £10 per Day.
A Day Pass for Children at Weekend Events are £2.50 per Day.

In the circumstance of a special event, prices will differ, and be priced accordingly on the event page of our Facebook Group.


1: Everyone comes to role-play in a friendly environment, because as a hobby we all want to enjoy it and have fun. No-one is excluded and people who attend games are expected to respect and interact with each other without discrimination and to honour the rules that have been written and the plots as they play out.

2: If individuals find this is not possible, if they are not enjoying themselves, no expectancy is laid upon anyone to attend ELEMENT events - though we will do our best to address any issues raised.

3: Every effort will be made to arrange and organise events for the benefit of players on a monthly basis, subject to weather conditions and any other circumstances put to us that are deemed relevant; we will also provide and use as many mediums as possible to heighten awareness of those planned events with the proviso that events will go forward so long as a minimum of ten people confirm attendance at an event. If the minimum required number of ten players attending an event have not been confirmed by 48 hours before any posted event, the event will be cancelled or an alternative medium provided for any planned plot to progress, allowing for a 48 hour period in which all players who would be attending a chance to be notified.


Should an issue arise, issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis - we will listen to any and all concerns and proceed at a speed that helps clarify the issues and not make rushed decisions. In all cases the group Agenda and Code of Conduct will guide the satisfaction of the issue that gets raised. In any such instances, we would ask for patience while information is gathered and decisions reached.


1: Trevor Halliday: Head Referee, can be contacted at: moc.liamg|yadillahrvrt#moc.liamg|yadillahrvrt. Trev.jpg 2: Craig Pezet: Earth Nations Referee, can be contacted at: moc.liamtoh|tezepgiarc#moc.liamtoh|tezepgiarc 13517673_286280895054371_6444470269502066237_o.jpg
3: Amber Grant: Fire Nations Referee, can be contacted at moc.liamg|rebmayadillah#moc.liamg|rebmayadillah Amber.jpg 4: John Abnett: Air Nations Referee, can be contacted at: moc.liamg|ttenbanhoj#moc.liamg|ttenbanhoj John.jpg
5: Neil Lyng: Water Nations Referee, can be contacted at: moc.liamtoh|gnyllien#moc.liamtoh|gnyllien Neil%20Lyng.jpg 6: Robin Grant: Throne of Shadows Referee, can be contacted at: ku.oc.oohay|tnrgnibor#ku.oc.oohay|tnrgnibor robin%20grant.jpg
7: Jade Burridge: Trade Referee, can be contacted at: moc.liamg|ogyzedaj#moc.liamg|ogyzedaj. refjade 8: Alyx Lie: 'Deoir nan Diathan' and Element Referee, can be contacted at: moc.liamg|siuolxyla#moc.liamg|siuolxyla Alyx.jpg

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