Kylyngywyyn Stryngclyw

Pronounced: K-eye-len-ga-wee-en Strong-claw.


Normally known as Ky (K-eye), he is the twin brother of the Seer-Mage, Ynyngywyyn Brykynclyw, this warrior of House Kyryll and member of the personal guard of Earl Hyyth, was captured by the Void when Karazon of the Black led the Black Dracosylph to Urutau. He was subjected to the Transmutating Touch and went missing, until recently when the Black Dracosylph returned. Shortly after their return, he was bonded to Frysyry (Fro-seh-rah), a female Black Dracosylph, within the grounds of the Castle of the Elemental Union.

A powerful warrior and strong mage, under the sway of the Void, Kylyngywyyn is a bully to any and all weaker Dracosylph, the direct opposite of his personality before his capture. He delights in physically and emotionally torturing any and all who cross his path with few strong enough to make him bow and submit to similar activities, though he will occasionally take on an apprentice, training them, nurturing them in his wicked ways. Since his marriage to Frysyry, Kylyngywyyn has become more and more vindictive; only she is truly safe from his varied predations.

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