Astor the Red.


Fire-Blessed Dracosylph fully claimed by Lord Gorn as a member of the Fire Races.

Physical Description:

Summer Lord and Red Dracosylph, blessed by Lord Gorn himself.
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Lyrzeria, from which he has been exiled by the ruling King in 914 of the Age of Fire.

Political Affiliation:

Lord Gorn, Great White and the Elemental Union.

Known Associates:

Founder and leader of the new House Styryry
His family, Shykyrry, Syvyth, Dorm, Hiss, the Cat, and Amber
Wife Leandra Emberien, salamander high preistess, his current living children; Eithne, Orisha, Rudra, Woden, Aine, Eltra (currently expecting more)
Others in the Light Company
Elemental Union

Friends lost

Oya the Red first born of the Red dracosylph
Skyreach WhiteWing
Morzan Palagius
Etar 'Tol'Solie

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Known Enemies:

The Agents of the Void.

Known Skills:

Stealthy Warrior.
Wielding the Sword of Fire, as a Hero of Lord Gorn.

Days Gone By

After questing and rescuing the sword of air from the underworld it was time as a red dracoylph for his lord gorn to bless him with the status of a hero, he had proven a solid fighter against the void at every turn always fighting them back when they got to close.
After that time and status as a Champion he took it upon himself to be responsible for the fire nations as his lord would no doubt want, all the fire races had a history of being chaotic, volitile waring natures but their was always hope in the pain an history that wass the fire nations.

The Black Dragons awoke from a slumber that knowone expected a rescue by astor and others of a their friend Red who lay beaten a tortured by the void for his secrets as a dragon, a way for the void to awake their black dragons more easily, and they succeeded with the unexpected attack of the dragons on the floating city it was brought down over Kheyhiem and in the ruins the void began their invasion of the champions races of fire, using the downed city as an opening salvo which worked to great effect.

Thus the Gornang abandoned their homeland into the burning sands, eventually they made they way to grun been given sactuary by a fellow fire race the ulcus, Astor was given a mate by his lord a salamander princess who their lord decree'd would bring about a new race of fire and so astor with this priestess, a mage began to cement a relationship in the fire's of battle to free the the champion race from the void and soon fight the empire.

Astor led the Ulcus and Refugee gorgang to the most sacred place that was the Phoenix temple of the great desert ocean, there was a becon to rally around and through the sacred Phoenix and wisdom of the ash grove seer a new hope would emerge.
A Fey Sirona a Red a Dracosylph a salamander all played a part in bringing a keeping the Alliance together, Deneygrin it was decided would be responsible for training and leading the most passionate tribal Fykari, Liandra an volite pregnant women at this time was the obvious choice to watch over and deal with the ulcus of the alliance, Astor it's head watch over the gornang and all the races the 3 exiles in a sense brought the Ulcus from their caves, the fykari from all over the burning sands together to build a city of fire that would becoe a symbol of the fire nations.

With the direction of the nation of the gornang the finest crafters in the world the city took shape and with the help of a recovering red dragon little red, a great spire of fire sitting atop of the temple point high into the sky of the sands, with an outter wall spreading for miles around the parimeter of the city made entirely of molten glass meters thick, spires would be spread out throughout the outer wall with districts soon taking shape, all structures were dome like and built into the sands themselves underground, and with the two most industrious races of gornang and ulcus soon an underground city would take shape around the temple caves of the phoenix.

With the celebrations of a new city built and a great statue of lord gorn drinking a barrel of mead within the market square the alliance was formed and through training and prepartion they learned to work together and be strong as one, the 3 exiles working to bridge the gap of the most warlike of all races, there was always attempts to bring the feygorn into a alliance for the alliance wasn't whole without them but their isolationist ways held true and no communications were accepted of wanted, later the truth behind this would be revealed.

The invasion of Khayhiem would begin, with a force of fire to fight the void head on, and with it's own people leading the assult victory was assured, lives were lost and in the ensuring fighting liberating each hold of gornang prisoners with his wife astor failed to save from the etheral lords that which was most important, the captured king, in the choas of the final days of the way astor gave his own body to an ehteral lord so that his wife and unborn children who were posessed by two lords would be spared.

With Forged malunium shackles astor was taken prisoner dragged off to the floating city which had been recently repaired after a trip to the fire realms and the master builders, their the etheral lord that was astor was cleansed for days then weeks and something quite unexpected happened the soul of the lord within was cleansed and became what would be known as an etheral knight a pure soul opposite to an etheral lord.

The recovery began for the gornang and the alliance remained together the 3 exiles who later took the mantle of 3 generals of the allaince would contiue to build in vulgorn expanding the city make it a center for the fire nations.
It was later in this period of peace that the empire began to take shape the earth realms came under attack from the black dragons, the champion race taking the brunt of their attacks, but they stood strong against the void as the Champions of earth always would, alliance shifted, the empire began to wages wars on all front gaining territories in the earth kingdoms and with Wroth Gelaham in the hands they had a way to send armies into the sands to join with their undead city, from their the alliance gathered and with a growing army of salamanders joining the alliance it was decided to attack the city.

Tactics were to find ways into the city while a main force distracted them in the form a seige upon their walls, and with the city wedged in between grun and khayhiem this tactic proved successful with a small force eventually finding their way into the city to reveal to the wrotan that the etheral lords were tricking them.

With the gateway to the empire safe the alliance stood by in case a full scale invasion was to ever be a possibility but with the truth of what the void had done in bringing the empire about, rebelliions and uprising saw to the empire being overthrown.

The void had claimed many victories and left scars upon many nations in the years, after the fall of the empire the day of dragon magic came and saw the birth of astors children which he went to the fire realms with his wife to live and to experience the salamander people and his childrens births, after 6months astor and his family returned to learn that the black dragons suffered a defeat, his friend Deneygrin as the guardian of vulgorn had kept the fire races togethers in vulgorn and taught the fykari a thing or too about discipline.

Eventually a war council was brought together by astor in vulgorn to for the first time in memory the elemental union launch an attack upon the void, and one that had stained the fire nations for years now, the Undead city of Eto'a'ahn which the Ulcus always had in their own siege was something that astor decided to needed to be dealt with, with the Gornang suffering at the etheral lords hands, with the feygorn who they learn in this council meeting were agents of the void now, more corrupted by the void.

It was agreed upon that this needed to be dealt with, the forces of the union gathered and Astor wanted to show the void that the union can come together and be strong, but this was not to be in the early stages of the seige it was recorded that only the Wrotan held strong throughout in the early stages, with the Wrotan heroically intercepting a force of Feydren that looked to destroy the seige, this confirmed that the feygorn were lost to them with such a large force of void tainted fey as evidence.

The early battles in the outter areas of the undead city were the fields of dead, zombie hoards of undead fykari let by legions of etheral lords, the wrotan took the worst casulaties on that day, with the ulcus given the confidence to go forth and crush their enemies they did so with vigor and ramaging hoarding, joined by on that day, not the champions of earth, or fire but the Korigan who routed the main force of etheral lords joining the ulcus in winning the battle of the fields of death.

Plans would later lead to the invasion of the inner provinces of the undead city with the fey sirona and their vampire and nemisses leading assults from one side backed up by ulcus, gornang led by astor, fykari and ulcus led by General Denegryin and from the southern invasion 99 feysirona spearheaded a foothold into the city with the ulcus as always not far behind, on that day the 99 feysirona went down in history giving many of their lives through oath bound to fight the void, followed by a wave of ramaging green ulcus that destroyed everything in their path.

In the days to come the Union collapsed with the fey sirona loosing some of their number which they never sanctioned being apart of the battle, their forces along with earth abandoned the seige leaving fire to push on which they did loosing greater numbers to new tactics of the void through necrotic warfare, eventually the Union came calling and those leaders of various races were appealed to come and join them at a great council meeting to become apart of the Union.

Astor bowed to what his people wanted and understood there need to want to be recognised in the world, the forces of eto'a'ahn became a fortified seige keeping the lords within, at this time a great sandstorm swept over the sands one that fykari fortold would make it's mark once an age, and so the forces of fire dug in with many fykari tribes seeking refuge in grun.

The forces of fire out of his hands the 3 exiles and generals had no choice but to break the alliance apart this only solidifed with the news that the black dragons had taken the castle of the elemental union and attacking vulgorn leaving very few survivors spending much of the time destroying the mastercrafted building before getting very sleepy then heading home after a hard days work of destroying the best most strongest buildings in the world or uratua.

After a rescue mission to the void plane to recover some friends the ultimate sacrifice was made by his friend Skyreach which both him and his friend had the same idea on throwing themselves in front of a true devine bolt intended for great white, his friends beat him to it and was lost forever.

Astor decided through consuolting with old friends joined the light company attempting to return to old ways, bringing his family with him wherever he went, later it was learned the the gornang high king was till alive but as this news came to him his eldest and first of the red dracsosylph was taken from under the noses of the light company and her mother in tracking them down he joined the ulcus in rescuing the high king only to learn that his daughter had been made apart of the game.

Astor fought for his kin but the game was not meant to be won, he was taught a lesson by these all powerful beings that no matter what you do you will loose everything you love, i lesson that haunts him as he see's beings of great power continue to do what they want when they want too, from there on he continue to fight for the world eventually finding salavation in his learning that his sister was alive and safe from the void they would stay together from their on in and try and help others and on the way gathering new friends and loves.

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