Ragnar Bearclaw


Ragnar Cerdicsson


Ragnar Bearclaw, The Black Bear, Bear



Physical Description:

Tall, muscular and imposing, Ragnar is a giant of a man, grizzled and hardened well beyond his years. His arms are brawny and coated with curling brown hair, his face weathered and scarred. Every limb is marked in black woad, symbolising a crude bear claw for his totem. He is dressed head to toe in black furs, including a large sheepskin telpek that constantly sits perched on his head. In battle he wields a bastard sword and tower shield, although due to his size he is able to use them comfortably


Bear has often spoken of his home. He has stated that he was the son of a thane before taking a bear for this totem, and was raised in a small hill fort called Odsal, in the north east of Quelas. Usually such homely anecdotes are rounded off with a story about a cow.

Political Affiliation:

Quelas. Bear seems to place faith in the druids of his people, and has saved Princess Miya's life on multiple occasions.

Known Associates:

Princess Miya, Astor the Red, Rasht the Butcher

Known Rivals:


Known Enemies:

The Wrotan Empire and his family.

Known Skills:

Mighty totem warrior
Formidable sword and shield fighter
Scary as all blazes when he's angry
Reluctant but popular leader

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