Gallus Soloman

"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of your spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us."


Gallus Soloman



Physical Description

5ft 9, Long Brown hair with Blue Eyes, has a paw print woad on his right cheek, he also carries a spear which acts as a mage staff


Quelas: Irricente; Though grew up most of his life in the Wild Kingdoms under a pack led by a lion were-urgo known has Aryeh, he considers this his home, his mentor in magic known has Jack (Mojo) a Were-Urgo Monkey kin and his surrogate parents also live there

Political Affiliation

Crew Member of the Vespari Airship, The Forlorn Hope; Builder for Queen Nia and a Totem Warrior

Known Associates

Faolan; Spirit of a wolf,
Ironstein; Fire Dwarf,
Artemis; Ocelot Were-Urgo,
Mifune; Fey-Sirona,
DĂ­rvaar Kraesthorn,
Tsunamika; Nemorian
Remi; Earth Elemental
Nia; Queen of the Queldi People
Baelvanna; Master Alchemist, Fey-Tir
Sky Captain Maximillian the Third
Jared Uytvar
The Liberty Crew
The Light Company
Duke Rana Dae

Known Rivals:

None Known

Known Enemies:

The Vidians

Known Skills

SKILLS: Master of Elemental Magic (Earth) and Invocation, he also knows a thing or two when it comes too rituals, though more renowned for his imaginative ideas and has been known too walk through minds and can go into heightened senses with his spirit meditation


Gallus Soloman didn't know much about his family, The caravan he was with was attacked by a Nettleworn, however before he was targeted as an infant, He was saved by Were-Urgo Wolfkin, Not too leave the child alone and in danger, A pair of were-urgo took him in and raised him has there own, the boy slowly learning about the world around them and to use earth to his advantage, he slowly learnt more about magic, especially from a monkey-kin known has Mojo. As years past and gallus wanting to know more about the world, left the pack too go on his own journey to learn more about it, Years later he helped defend a trader known has Dirvaar, who saw that this man could be useful to him and offered him an opportunity to see the world while getting paid for it. Seeing the world interested him more so he accepted, after a few years, Dirvaar offered up a trade with Sky Captain Maximilian The Third, though he personally didn't hear the details, but ended up working for the captain as well for the foreseeable future.

Recent History

In 913 Age of Fire, he became more known to the world of urutau by assisting in the capture of the feygorn orb where he met the unhatched young of were-spiders, though however the mission didn't go has planned and the turtle known has Coltrane got captured by the vidians, though he was rescued in 914 AoF but his shell was gone, during the start of the year of 914, he accompanied Queen Nia, Artemis, Mifune, Tsunamika, Vanna and members of The Dragon Wing to a recently created pocket dimension known has Dovah-go! where he assisted in the creation of the good race and the neutral race, however he did not participate in the neutral ritual has he was too busy jumping off great white into a horde of undead and killing a black dragon with Mifune at which point the Morigena Kingdom was being attacked, this was the point that Queen Nia ask for his help in building her castle.

After the events of Dovah-go! Gallus with Vanna head to the magic academy by foot but soon head back after gallus realized the amount of werewolves behind the walls of the Morigena Kingdom, they both rushed back and tried to inform the captain of the guard but both were treated rudely so they went to Duke Rana Dae directly to give him the information, Rana being appreciative give both of them the title of acting lieutenant of the light company so both may act without question within the Morigena Kingdom.

Gallus began to help the light company more and more, although not given straight orders, he was dragged by Hafu to help with a trade route within the savage mountains to the castle of elemental union where he was Acting Commander of the mission, this went the same for the next two missions that he would lead, however his last one would result in his capture where he was forced after his leg was broken, his right replaced with Muldrow and limbs removed to tell the vidians information they could use, however after a talk with Tiamey, he had his heart exchanged with hers after she had knocked him out with her 'Blessing'.

During a trip to the realm known has 'Normality' gallus relinquished his role has lieutenant of the light company mages which he told the duke and his reasons though didn't tell him all of them, after heading back through the portal, he found his way back onto a meat hook back in the zarian wastes.

During the AoF 914 of Queen Nias wedding, he assisted Jared and Muldrow into finding her father, he had also found with the help of lord gorn the soul of tiameys and a fragment for the elemental castle, he also managed to summon lady gaia and lord astagos where gaia removed his curse at the cost of a quest later when she would want and he would offer astagos a bargain which he upheld the very next day where he managed to find an aspect of DeSoto's soul, however this would end up at the cost of backstabbing his friend to make sure hafu's brother did not get his soul, when astagos would arrive, he would set the people on the quest on a mission.

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