Ironstein Vigil-Ward

Race: Gornang


Physical Description: Stocky and bearded He is always seen with at least his gambison if not in full armour.


Homeland: Khayeim

Known Associates: Crew of The Forlorn Hope, an air ship operated by Sky Captain Maximillian the 3rd.

Sky Captain Maximillian III, Vespari Airship captain and explorer
Dirvaar Kraesthorn, Fey Mori Trader
Gallus Soloman, Queldi Mage
Tsunamika, Nimorian Healer
Mifune, Fey Sirona Ronin Shugenja
ArtemisOcelot Were Urgo and ships cook

Ironstein is a paladin proficient in axe and shield. He takes care of his charge Tsunamika, a nimorian child found stowaway aboard the Vespari air ship, The Forlorn Hope. The two of them together make for an extremely powerful team

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