Princess Mia

Princess Mia reached the Druids of Quelas, and was in the process of preparing for the Trials when the enemy intervened and caused her to become pregnant with two Demon Monarchs of some kind, further investigation revealed that these two entities had caused her to murder innocent Queldi and were protecting their vessel for deliverance into the material world - further explanation still explained how because of her dual nature, she was in fact a 'living portal' through which Demon's could travel to Urutau. Some help was offered but not without being at a terrible price that those present to make the decisions were not satisfied with, as such the decision was made for Iskalli to go with the Princess to the Elemental Plane of the Void, a decision endorsed and chosen by the Princess for her own sake and the sake of Urutau. In the process of opening the portal, there was a serious backfire/ mishap and the portal, which should have only been temporary in fact became a permanent one.

To deal with her problems and to save Urutau, Tiamey agreed to go to the Elemental Plane of the Void, where it was presumed she would not be seen or heard from again. Nothing could have been more wrong. She returned by attending the Requiem for Winter in Wroth Gelrahan and proved to be a considerable thorn in the side as Quelas remained unstable, even with her pronouncing herself Queen of Quelas. In due course she also become a Champion of Lady Espari.

But recent events have seen her will be undone in Quelas, and her grip on power there lost. And while she is not dead, she remains a figure who will no doubt return in some form to challenge the affairs of Urutau.






Half Queldi/ Half Demon - born of a one-night union between Lorican, who was to be the High King of the Queldi, and the demon, Yalirus.

Physical Description:


When last seen she Looked like an average twelve year old Queldi girl (despite the fact she was about three years old), but then she went to the Elemental Plane of the Void and returned in 913 of the Age of Fire as a fully-grown woman.



Political Affiliation:

A Servant of Lady Espari and blessed by Lord Vidious, she is the rider of Great Black.

Known Associates:

None Known.

Known Rivals:

Her half-sister, Nia.

Known Enemies:

See above.

Known Skills:

As a Champion of Lady Espari, it can be assumed that her skills are based around Void Magics, some of which were inherited from her mother, others endorsed by her becoming a champion of the Lady of the Void.

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