The Butcher


Rasht D'Giiza


The Butcher



Physical Description:

A black scaled Ulcas of impressive size, bearing the scars of a difficult life across his entire body. Though his apparant trade is that of working with meat his poise and world weary eyes speak of much darker times and deeds. His armour is rough and think, good enough to do the job without being ostentatious. Over his left shoulder a scrap of fur from some beast that dwells deep underground away from the light of day. Allways within reach, his immense hook-billed warhammer Dimples awaits to bring ruin and destruction wherever it falls…


Birth - Unknown, Current - The City of Vulgorn

Political Affiliation:

Cheif of The Giiza Tribe

Known Associates:

Nanahgehddan D'Giiza, Minty D'Giiza, Ragnar Bearclaw, Astor The Red

Known Rivals:

Big Boss Urg of the Gate

Known Enemies:

The Spiratans

Known Skills:

Expert Hammerman
Expert Butcher
Skilled Conversationalist
Skilled Mathematician

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