Duke Rana Dae, 1st Son of Lord Korsten Dae.

Current Titles:

Following his marriage to Queen Lausanne Una of the Nimorian Kingdom, King Everyl Telluwyn confirmed Rana with the full title and privileges of Duke of Hrivemir, formerly known as the Morigena Kingdom.

As Duke of Hrivemir, Rana commands the title of Field Marshal of the Military Forces of that duchy within the Kingdom of Water.

He also holds the rank of Senator within the Wrotan Republic, having represented his people on several occasions.


A prominent member of House Dae, Rana has two younger brothers, Morden & Leon (a half brother) and he also had a younger sister, Ylirria (Deceased) who died during the last days of the Age of Fire.

First married to Lady Felisia Stayne (Deceased), their union bore them three children, Dido Dae (Deceased), Keera Dae and Kylyn Dae.

Rana married again Lausanne Una, marrying the Queen of the Nimorian Kingdom and mother of King Everyl Telluwyn. They also adopted a young Nimorian girl that allies had found, called Juna. Duchess Lausanne Dae was believed to have died in the early part of 916AoF, leading a rescue attempt into Lyrzeria, trying to rescue Great White from Great Black, the Avatar of Lord Math - however with the return of Lyrzeria following Math's death, the Duchess and the army she was leading returned to Hrivemir.

In the second year of the Age of Dragons, following the death of King Everyl Telluwyn, and the apparent Treason of Queen Alyra, Rana and his wife adopted the Nimorian 'Nienna' (Deceased), and her daughter, Soleil the illegitimate child of Everyl.

In the Third Year of the Age of Dragons, following a strange encounter in the Realm of Normality, Rana secretly adopted Lilliania Sin Dranal in an attempt to help Lilliania secure much needed resources in the Zarian Wastes.


Former Titles:

Knight of a manor in Souwei-Lorsan and officer and then Captain of the Morigena Light Company before becoming a Lord Knight and Captain of The Ocean's Calm in the Morigena Navy.

He has also held the ranks of Baron and Earl within the county of Souwei-Lorsan, and General in the Morigena Army, and also was the former Warden of the South and successfully defended his homeland during the Time of Dragon Magic in the year 913 of the Age of Fire when the Black Dragons came, and were defeated.

Towards the end of the 913, the Morigena King elevated him to the role of Duke-Elect to govern and protect the Morigena Kingdom in the Kings absence and one of his first acts, following the defence of the Kingdom against a Werewolf attack, was to reform the Light Company early in the year 914 of the Age of Fire.

In the autumn of 914 he was appointed the Admiral of the Elemental Union Navy by the Wrotan Republic Gathering he attended in the name of the King for the Morigena. He gained further titles still by marriage to Queen Lausanne Una in the tenth month of 914, becoming Prince Consort of the Nimorian Kingdom.

Following a break down in the chain of command within the Elemental Union Navy during the battle at Wroth Cayeno in 915AoF, Rana was stripped of the title 'Admiral of the Fleet'.

In 916AoF, following the reclamation of Golgotha and the marriage of King Everyl Telluwyn and Queen Alyra Tremaine, Rana was granted right to rename the Morigena Kingdom (to Hrivemir) as the newly married monarchs formed from their combined powers The Kingdom of Water.


Ruada, a name he adopted whilst among the Men of the Mountains, and recently some members of the Light Company have referred to him as 'Ramadan Dave'.



Physical Description:

His eyes betray a weariness, his clothing suggests well travelled. Though in recent times as his status has elevated, he has slowly begun to take on a more noble bearing.


The County of Souwei-Lorsan in Hrivemir.


1: Dragonsfall Mead Hall, in Souwei-Lorsan, Hrivemir.
2: The Adventurers Guild Hall in Wroth Gelrahan.
3: Vanderkai Hall a Large House in Southport, Quelas.
4: The Castle of the Elemental Union Rana 'bought' the castle from the occupants at the time, but signed a document stating it was to be of use to all members of the Elemental Union.

Political Affiliation:

Noble of The Morigena as a member of House Dae and also an ally of The Dracosylph.

During the years 909 and 911 of the Age of Fire he built relations with the Men of the Mountains at the behest of Earl Godfrey Dae becoming a respected member of one of their tribes in an effort to stir civil unrest among them to rise up against the Werewolves.

Elevated to the position of Earl in late 912, he attended the Requiem for Winter on behalf of the Morigena Kingdom and its interests, a year later he was elevated further to Duke by King Everyl Telluwyn.

During the middle stages of 914AoF, he was among the party who ventured into the Zarian Wastes to rescue the Nimorian Queen, during which he killed a Demon Lord and the High Minister of the Black Church.

Since taking part of the rescue of the Nimorian Queen in the seventh month of the year 914AoF, a lot of political interest has started to develop that he should align himself with the Nimorian Queen through marriage, but still grieving for his recently murdered wife, he was not paying much attention to the building pressure among the Morigena court.

In the Autumn of the year 914AoF he attended the first gathering of the Wrotan Republic as the representative of the Morigena, during this gathering he nominated himself for the position of Admiral of the Elemental Union Navy, and was assigned the position. It was shortly after this that he gave way to both personal feelings, and political pressure to marry the Nimorian Queen while preparing the Elemental Union Navy.

In the early months of 915AoF, in preparing to face Findias, an unprecedented meeting took place aboard [The White Wing], when Etar Tol'Solie brought Duchess Elyss Tremaine to sit down and discuss brewing events with Rana. He then went on to visit Treminus and was granted access to their archives, before leaving Treminus with House Tremaine Allies. The Fleet was joined by House Salui ships on their way back to Wroth Cayeno.

After the battle of Wroth Cayeno, Rana is returning to the Morigena Kingdom to command it in the absence of King Everyl Telluwyn, who himself shall be ruling the combined Kingdoms of the Morigena, the Nimorians and planning to bring the Duchies of the Fomori back into the fold through the Kings proposed marriage to Alyra Tremaine.

In 916AoF Rana assisted his people and allies in reclaiming Golgotha, as well as turning up to bring much needed support to the final confrontation against Lord Math by arriving with the forces of Hrivemir, the Dracosylph and the Brethren Court, including the heroes Shykyry, Silas Cova, Etar, Tulkas, Nancy and even Tellele Rava.

The Age of Dragons:

Rana took personal interest and action in the civil war that erupted between the Feymori Royal House and the Brethren Court in the First Year of the Age of Dragons, and stood defiantly against the Pirates after they sacked Tarsamorzae, having agreed a truce only the night before; Rana did not take their betrayal lightly.

Early in the Second Year of the Age of Dragons, Rana gave himself over as a hostage while deals were implemented to satisfy the Gaki in Valorn, following previous deals with them having been broken after they were abandoned by Onega.

Later that year he delivered a large quantity of goods to Broken Quay, funded by Fenris and Ebenzer Good Burns, matched by Rana himself; following safe delivery of this major shipment to the Reaches, Rana returned to Hrivemir, before attending the final part of the Great Hunt in Aqualonia.

In Year Three of the Age of Dragons, Rana coordinated with the All-Father to help draw out the forces of Miluna in order to liberate kidnapped miners, and attempt and succeed in stealing Moon Dragon Eggs from Miluna's Lair. During this campaign, the Men of the Mountains claimed their freedom as Irah, daughter of Miluna and Trucido, challenged Miluna and killed her. In other matters, Duke Haakon has made uncomfortable moves in Nor-Cavallel, which included the killing of Nienna Dae, Rana's adopted daughter; Rana also gained the Blessing of Lord Morian.

Known Associates:


He counts among his oldest friends, Amil-ack-Belar of the Fykari, Titus Verine of the Wrotan Republic and Skyreach Whitewing of the Dracosylph (until his death in late 914AoF) as well as the Sea Turtle known as Coltrane.

In more recent years he has been seen accompanying Baelvanna of the Fey-Tir, Agrippa of the Wrotan Republic and Astor the Red. By some sense of responsibility he showed a level of commitment to Princess Mia of the Queldi people before she decided to go to the Elemental Plane of the Void, but opposed her upon her return and put his support behind her half-sister, Nia.

As Rana has moved more into the political scenes of Urutau, he has made alliances with the Thane of the Stretch in Quelas, and the veteran soldier turned Lanista, Augustine, from whom he sought military advice, as well as securing the freedom of Captain Autumn Strata and Sergeant Haiden Melborn.

Recently he has developed diplomatic use of Etar Tol'Solie of the Feymori, and appointed Lady Alyra Tremaine as Vice-Admiral of the Elemental Union Navy, undeniably a political move that contributed to the reunification of the Champion race of Water.

Known Rivals:

House Damenyon and House Tremaine of The Fomori Kingdoms have been enemies in the past due to the Morigena Kinstrife, it is uncertain how this has changed. For some unknown reason, Rana seems to have become a target of sorts for Duchess Narlin Thalassa.

Since his arrival at Wroth Cayeno late in the year 914AoF, he seems to have gained the rivalry of the local brothel owner, Madame Vanity Shank due more to the fact that she has in her possession one of the warships expected to be a part of the Elemental Union Navy.

At the start of the Age of Dragons, Rana become a vocal member of a group oppossed to the debts that the UTC tried to call in against nations accrued during the time known as 'The Sum of All Things'.

Known Enemies:

He hunts the Agents of the Void. He recently issued the bounty on the former Captain of the Light Company, Telellë Ráva, and has also set himself up to pursue the old adversary, Lord Findias who is rumoured to still be alive.

In 915AoF both Telelle, and Findias were defeated, and died.

Known Skills:

A Myrmidon and Wastelands Hunter, a trap finder and lover of Trolls - as he has gotten older he has become more involved in politics and trade, taking time to try and establish a new industry in Hrivemir regarding Enchanted Ice with the Dracosylph, becoming a Master Craftsman Blacksmith, Bone-Crafter and an Ice Forge Smith.

He owned an Enchanted Fey-Sirona Mace retrieved from the ruined floating city now known as Vardagh-Vironia but sacrificed in a ritual to assist the Gaki - and possesses a much-favoured Master-Crafted Sword. He has been known to use the Elemental Sword of Water as well as wield an Enchanted, Dagon-Forged Broadsword. He also carries a unique, Dragon Bone Bow that originated in Quelas. In more recent times he has been seen carrying and using a Gornang Master-Crafted Spear with an Enchanted Ice Spearhead, but favours now a Trident especially since choosing to focus on the philosophy of Lord Morian, and gaining his blessing.

Often he will wear Enchanted Ice Armour, but favours the wearing of Rigid Leather Armour - on occasion he will wear Chain or Plate Mail.


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