Shykyrry (Shikarri)

Name - Shykyrry (Shikarri)
Elemental Alignment - Air
Race - Purple Dracosylph
Age (at time of character creation) - 93
Homelands - Lyzeria
House - House Yssyyl (Previously House Dyrycnyzyr)

Physical Appearance:

  • She is 5ft 4 so quite short compared to the average Dracosylph.
  • She wears a three piece outfit matched in colour to the colours of her house sigil (See above picture).
  • She has almost shoulder length tri-tone hair of Grey, lilac and purple, though only some will know that is is really a wig and underneath she has a fully scaled scalp, common to the majority of Dracosylph.
  • She has multiple scarves and sashes about her person, one is a darker forest green, worn as a bandanna, which used to belong to her wife, Artemis, passed onto her when she first stepped onto land in Wroth Cayeno docks, the first time she had left her homeland for lands of a more temperate climate.
  • Another is black with silver and red line detailing, which she uses to tie her quiver around her waist.
  • The third a light grey colour which she uses to attach and hold the Slayers axe to her quiver. This has more recently been torn equally in half, the other half is carried by her adoptive daughter Amber, the young fox-kin were-urgo.
  • The fourth is more of a sash, red in colour, and bears the sigil of The Way of the Pack Hunter (See below picture), the second in a set of seven, though only three are currently in use, the First and Third worn by Astor the Red and Hiss Roc respectively, as ritualised members of the pack.
  • She wears a Werewolf tooth necklace around her neck, the teeth of which she coloured and stained using colourings found in the natural environments.
  • From her belt hang two wrist cuff style wraps of werewolf fur that she cut from the pelt of the werewolf she hunted and killed during her Rites of Passage, the rest of the pelt stored securely in the room she used to call home at House Yssyyl.
  • She uses white/grey and black coloured inks to mark her left cheek with three Ocelot spots, in remembrance of Artemis, though should the opportunity arise to make these markings more permanent she would not hesitate to do so
  • Across her shoulder hangs a brown suede leather satchel containing her journal, a couple of other books, a red colour stained drinking horn, a pouch, a purple scarf, a hip flask and a highly sentimental piece of moonstone

About Her:

Born alongside Astor the Red and Syvyth she is the only female dracosylph of a clutch of 7, and is the runt of the family, so to speak, the odd one out, which during childhood, lead her to be made fun off by her brothers on recurring occasion, though the values of their bond as family were soon realised and the brothers eventually stopped their fun and viewed her as an equal member.
When the time came they would take their rites together and both return successfully though it was around this time that Syvyth disappeared and was not heard from.
Now out of contact with the other 5 members of the family, Astor and Shy would go on to train together under House Dyrycnyzyr, and later progressing into the military forces after successfully completing their training they would take their place together at their stations, patrolling the mountain passes of the Savage Mountains, keeping watch day and night, as well as being sent on various hunts and missions on order of the higher ups of the house.
Though their time together would eventually come to an end after many years of working together, as Astor would be sent on one mission and Shykyrry another, with no choice but to follow their orders they left. But only one would return.

As Astor completed his mission and returned safe to House Dyrycnyzyr, Shykyrry would be involved in a deadly incident and at the age of 87, she would fall to the grasps of the Void and its Agents becoming a Black Dracosylph, failing to return home to her brothers side.

She would do the voids bidding in deadly service until the time would come that she would be saved from its clutches by the power of the Purple Dragon Avatar of Fate, though instead of living within the Manor of Skyreach like most that were saved by him and the avatar, she would return to her Homeland and begin training under House Yssyyl, where she would progress into advanced levels of Archery and bow use, her bow eventually becoming an extension of her own body as she progressed and excelled in its use, alongside the use of her natural weaponry.

After roughly 5 years of training and progression at House Yssyyl she would take her leave, making way to explore beyond the limits of the Gap of Peril and her homeland, in search of new experiences and adventure.

Her path would eventually bring her to the Dragonsfall Mead Hall where her path would cross with the Light Company, its associates and the Elemental Union.

It is there that she would at last meet with her brother Astor. After years of him thinking she was long dead and gone and her clueless as to his whereabouts and status, though she would meet him with confusion, as for the first time she would see him tinted in the colour of blood and fire, a Champion of Lord Gorn and the first of his new found race, a Red Dracosylph.
Though this was not the happiest of reunions as she would come to find that he had lost a daughter that day, in sickening bloodshed that he was powerless to stop.
She would that night come to learn that she was an Aunt to 6 young Red Dracosylph, 3 girls and 3 boys after the loss of Oya the Red and that much had changed in her absence, her brother now married to the Salamander High Priestess Liandra Emberien.

Now reunited once more with her brother, and discussions of their new found differences having been had, she would stay with her brother from then on, and her stay at the Dragonsfall Mead Hall would sure be an eventful one.

That weekend alone, she would accompany a party into the Great Hunting Woods to assist Pliskin in finding his Uncle, Tidus. He would be found, but not in a survivable state, as the decision was made to put him out of his misery, the party leaving with his lifeless body after facing the perils of the Echo Wraiths, she would witness the send off of little Oya in the presence of Lord Gorn himself, she would witness Lord Astagos also, as he comes to set Pliskin a challenge, she would also see the death of the Gornang King at the hands of the Ulcas Worteef Tribe, For them to then be teleported away and judged by Lord Helios, to return limbless in various ways after the void within them being forcibly burnt out under watch of Ironstein Vigil-Ward and the given effects of Lord Gorns Divine Intimidation, among other smaller happenings that would round off the weekends events.

She would join company with the Elemental Union and from the ports of Souwei Lorsan they would travel together to Wroth Cayeno.

Known Skills:
Natural Weapons
Winter Warrior
Wasteland Hunter
Apex Hunter
Way of the Pack Hunter

Other foipy things that shall not be named here :P nyehe

Known Associates and Family

Astor The Red (Brother)
Artemis Cheetara (Wife) (Deceased)
Amber (Adopted Daughter)
Syvyth (Brother) (Deceased)
Bryyr Dyrycnyzyr (Deceased)
Dyrm (MIA)
Ynyngywyyn Brykynclyw (Deceased)
Hiss Roc (Adopted Brother) (Deceased)
Pliskin Iroquois
Narwen Darkfire (Adopted Sister) (Deceased)
Sapphira Virgrui Family by Oathbound means
Liandra Sister in Law and family by Oathbound means (Deceased)
Lady Autumn Strata (Light Company Captain)
Haiden Melborn (Light Company Sergeant)
Morzan Pelagius (Deceased)
The Doctor (Leon)

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