Details of the Dracosylph, Skyreach Whitewing in his first incarnation; recently in the Second Year of the Age of Dragon, Skyreach was reborn naturally, and has begun a second life cycle, being cared for by Yylyyny Kyryll.



Skyrych Whytwyng (Skyreach Whitewing).


None used.


Purple Dracosylph.

Physical Description:

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Originally from Lyrzeria, he made his home within the county of Souwei-Lorsan where he founded and ran Academy of Magic out of the manor of Cold Point..

Political Affiliation:

The Elemental Union. Skyreach was a Knight in the Morigena Kingdom. Since the inception of the Purple Dracosylph, as the first, Skyreach was considered their leader and holds a special place in the memories of the Dracosylph people.

Known Associates:

Duke Rana Dae.

Known Rivals:


Known Enemies:

The Vidians.

Known Skills:

Former Bearer of the Purple Dragon Avatar.
Magic User.

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