Baelvanna (Deceased)

"I see you, Kindred, and I thank you. Your spirit will run with Astagos, and be cared for by Gaia, while your body will remain and become part of the people, and become one with Don. Rest now…"


Baelvanna, Bearer of The Blue Bag of Alchemy.






Physical Description:

Dresses in greens and browns, carries a wooden staff and a bow, which she has shown proficiency with when fighting.





Recent History

Underwent the Druids Trials in order to prove her worth as a potential heir to the Throne of Quelas. She passed.

Helped retrieve a certain book for The Stranger in a deal to get the permanent Void portal closed.


Was part of the liberation party that infiltrated Wroth Gelrahan, defeated an Ethereal King and handed the city back to the republic.

Has acquired a "squire", a young Queldi girl named Nia.

Was present at the "Clash of the Dragons" over the Isle of Golgotha, riding on the back of Great White.

Has developed a cure for the infection at Southport caused by a plague demon.

Helped to defeat Tiamay's biomantic werewolves. Offered her life for that of Queen Nia's, and as a result is now hunted by Lord Astagos. But only until the Spring…

Has opened a shop in Southport, Baelvanna's Potions Emporium

May have plans to start an Academy of Alchemy at Southport.

After a trip to the Elemental Plane of Fate, has found herself on the Plane of Magic, in the realm of Dragon Magic, Dovah-Gol, with others to help write what will be…

Stepped down from her role as Lieutenant of Alchemy within the Light Company.

Spent a little time in the Angmori Colonies…

Is now free from her bind with Lord Astagos…

Is now bound with the Dragon of Magic

Progress on the Academy of Alchemy going well, soon to open

Had a night of passion with Lord Gorn and Muldrow after a tea party…

After 'breaking up' with Mana, and being bound to Kishi, Vanna met her end in the Angmori Colonies, along with her friends Oberon, a Chaostician, and Ji, a Fey Sirona. Devoured mind, body and soul by an evil Grey Dragon, there is no afterlife for this Fey Tir who had all but been guaranteed a place by Astagos' side…

Political Affiliation:


Known Associates:

Ragnar 'The Bear' Bearclaw, Queldi Totem Warrior and Watcher of the Princess


Astor The Red, Champion of Lord Gorn

Rasht 'The Butcher', Cheif of the Giiza Tribe

Minty-Like-Rhyno, The Butcher's loyal Guard

Nanahgeddan, Shaman of the Giiza Tribe

Hafu, dodgy half breed

Cera, Feygorn Pyromancer (deceased)

Duke Rana Dae, Morigena nobleman

Coltrane, Sea Turtle. He is cool.

Arthur the Bear, A very special bear…

Askell, A know-it-all soul in a dragon egg that recently hatched during the "'Time of Dragon Magic'", leaving behind a baby dragon, Little Mana

Agrippa, Wrotan Hero

Chihiro, young Fey Sirona Samurai

Queen Nia, Queen of Quelas, daughter of Lorican, Rider of Kishi

Trahern, The High Druid of Quelas, resides in the Druid Sanctuary

Arnora, sorceress that resides in Quelas

The Fey Queen and her people, the Faeries.

Muldrow, Pyromancer


Bacchus Satyr, friend of Lord Astagos and a member of The Hunt

Skyreach Whitewing, Purple Dracosylph, bearer of the Avatar of the Purple Dragon

Gallus Solomon, Queldi Earth mage, crew member aboard The Forlorn Hope

Artemis, Were-Urgo alchemist and poisons expert, ships cook aboard The Forlorn Hope

The Dragons of The Elemental Union

Known Rivals:

Tiamey, Rider of Great Black, the Avatar of Lord Math

Known Enemies:

The Agents of the Void.

Known Skills:

Sneaking through woods, foraging and a talented Alchemist
Making tea
Has been known to hear voices and see things that others do not…


Vanna's Garden

In the Druid Sanctuary, in The Great Forest of Quelas, is a garden. A garden of true natural beauty, filled with plants and flowers, and long forgotten creatures you may never have seen before…


Given to Baelvanna by the Druids as a reward for her aid, she transformed this bleak plot of land in The Druid Sanctuary into a beautiful garden. The garden has an assortment of plants and flowers. It is here that Arthur the Bear spends the majority of his spare time, along with other creatures of the forest. The garden also has a large pond, where Night Wisps gather, making it a sight to behold. Due to the rarity of some of the plants here, the garden has a very special security system…

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