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A list of all planned ERG Events for 2012.

  • Sunday 20th May: 'A Day for All Seasons' One Day Event at Langdon Hills.
  • Friday 15th June - Sunday 17th June: 'Plots, Plans & Preparations' Weekend Event at Thriftwood Campsite, Brentwood.
  • Sunday 1st July: 'Fly! My pretty Fly!' One Day Event.
  • Sunday 5th August: 'Through the Shroud' One-Day Event.
  • Sunday 2nd September: 'Shadows Rise' One-Day Event.
  • Saturday 29th September: 'Land Ahoy!' One-Day Event.
  • Friday 19th October - Sunday 21st October: 'Friends, another Ale!' Weekend Event at Thriftwood Campsite, Brentwood.
  • Saturday 17th Novemeber: 'Dark Skies' One-Day Event.

All Events are listed on the Facebook page which can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/159775874127904/

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