An Elemental, Luchtzrakazrakvzduch is bonded to the Seer/Mage Ynyngywyyn Brykynclyw, but they have a strained and distant relationship. They bonded whilst the Dracosylph was young, but following the mage's disastrous rites of passage, their relationship became strained, resulting in the desperate Elemental taking action to regain the withdrawn Dracosylph's attention. This action lead to the unfortunate death of a Dracosylph child and in a fit of rage at the Elemental and sorrow for the child, Ynyngywyyn banished the Elemental from his presence and from Urutau.

As a result of these tragic events, the Elemental forsook the Elemental Union and turned to the Void and has never returned to his bondmage.

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