Ten Ten


Boss Ten-Ten Steeltongue, Boss of the Fixers tribe and the Firefly Fixerz


The Boss



Physical Description:

Currently he wears rigid leather, a chainmail shirt and a leather patchwork waistcoat. A pair of forge goggles sit over his eyes. A pearl ring upon his right hand (Fykari might recognise this, speak with the fire ref for extra info). A bag across his torso. His sword and lantern hangs on his side. A firefly can be seen riding the lantern or buzzing about it happily (Steve the firefly). Ten-Ten also carries a shield.



Recent History:

Lost his tribe the Steeltonguez and his home when Nazfang took rule of Grun as boss of bosses. Ten-Ten returned to the southernmost point and attempted to mine his way back into his homeland. Only to be rescued by Volko a fellow ulcas and lead way back to Wroth Cayeno as the ogre war continued on.

Kidnapped alongside several others, Ten-Ten visited the chaos wastelands, which had form in the place of Lyzeria.

Joining up with the heroes of the elemental union who helped dethrone Nazfang for the one true boss of bosses. Ten-Ten helped reclaim a floating city.

At the castle of the elemental union, during the days leading upto the great battle of Math. With help from Vorko and his newest follower Burg, the three ulcas set about opening up a small trade stall named Firefly Fixers.

Ten-Ten met a fykari leader by the name of Golbal. Helping him require a ring that signified his position as Khan of his people, as a friend. With help from Pliskin and a few others.

Beneath Luustork, deep in tunnels lost to ulcas of old and past. Ten-Ten prove himself alongside his friend wukong to ulcas spirits of cragosaur riders. Claiming a means to summon the eternal cragosaur, of which he summon to protect the Lords and Ladies deep below urutau from the forces of lord Math. Before handing it over to the boss of bosses so he could summon it and ride it into battle against Lord Math.

Along with Sapphira and Auturn, they defeated one of Lord Maths generals. Ten-Ten still has the spear of which the enemy leader used against them.

Receives trade contacts from Silas Cove of Cove shipping trades.

After surviving the great battle of Math, Ten-Ten return to Grun briefly with friends. Taking part in a race to the boss of the bosses throne, Ten-Ten took upon himself to fight and defeat two other bosses. Claiming their tribes his. Upon winning the race, the Boss of Bosses rewarded Ten-Ten not only a piece of land to rule his tribe, the Fixerz from. But also provided him and those who helped a collection of ulcas-forged weapons. He now roams around with a ulcas-forged sword and shield.

Known Skills:

Skilled blacksmith, tanner, woodcrafter and miner.

Fixerz Tribe:

Boss Ten-Ten
Sticha, da dok
Effie Nuraya, da bodyguard
Vorko (npc)
Burg (npc)
Steve the firefly (npc)

Firefly Fixerz

A builders business, usually known for selling weapons and armours, as well as its unique repair service. Though due to its staffs growing collection of skills, they can pretty much craft almost anything the customer wants. From tea set and dollie to sword and shields to a wooden stack. They can pretty much build anything out of wood, metal and leather. And do not forget to take advantage of their unique repair service, of "pay what you feel the work is worth".
Run mainly for the ulcas lads of the Fixers tribe, under Boss Ten-Ten Steeltongue

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