Dusty the Tavern Keeper

Old Dusty


Dusty is an old Morigena veteran who has been travelling with 'Dusty's Bar' a beer tent that follows the Light Company where ever they go. He has a mysterious past, most people seem to know him. If you ask him he may tell you some stories from the old days.

Dusty's Bar provides a place for soldiers to get a bit of R&R, order some food, have a few too many drinks no doubt, and there is a separate tent to the back that can be used for conferences, for the higher ups. The Captain, Duke ect.

Having travelled many places, and not just with the Light Company, Dusty and his girls can provide food and drink from all corners of Urutau. All you have to do is ask.

A word of warning though. Dusty is a pleasant even tempered old man, but disrespect his Bar, damage his property or harm his girls? you'll be dealt with the most severe punishments… You'll be BARRED from the tavern! you have been warned.

The Girls


This is Louisa, she is the one who will most likely serve you. She's a gossiper, and she has a young son who doesn't come into the tavern, but you may see him around the camp. Delivering messages for people. She's bold and generally gets her own way, but pleasant to talk to.


This is Marsha. Shes the cook. It's rare that you'll see her, but if you do catch her outside the kitchen, it may mean you're in trouble. She's got a wicked temper and generally acts as the security for the Bar.


This is Alice. She shy and not very talkative but she cares deeply and always helps look after the customers.

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