Agammemnon was in life, a Spiratan General operating at the behest of the Wrotan Republic. In fact he was placed in charge of the Republic forces sent in to the Darkwood region of Quelas after the Morigena and Dracosylph had got involved without Republic permission in 906 of the Age of Fire (The Year One Campaign of ELEMENT in 2006).

This obviously set him at odds with not just the forces trying to fight what had seemed to be simple bandits and a plague, which became further complicated through the machinations of the vampire, Kristoff and the activities of the Fomori and the Fey-Sidious.

But he built a real level of enmity with Titus Verine, the Wrotan who had become a member of the Light Company in the Morigena Mercenary Army, and the two would clash again and again after the Darkwood campaign.

Agammemnon used resources to kidnap Verine's wife and child which led to an ultimate confrontation that should have ended things, with the Spiratan dying at the end of Verine's sword. But it was just the beginning for the Spiratan, corrupted by the Void. His name has been banded about in the Wrotan Empire, even now a few years after his death - and with the revelation of Ethereal Lords conspiring behind the mask of the Empire, the journey into death may have led ultimately into one direction after he was encountered as a ghost by agents of the Elemental Union who 'killed' the ghost before them.

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