Herein lie the ideas, expanded and setting example, for the creation of the great works of the Alchemist. It is meant as a guideline for cooking up wondrous concoctions and by no means an exhaustive list.
Alchemy follows a basic guideline of:

1: Gathering the Ingredients.
2: Identifying the properties of the Ingredients.
3: Preparing the Ingredients.
4: Creating the Alchemical Concoction.
5: Storing the Alchemical Concoction.

1: Gathering the Ingredients: This covers foraging in whichever region the players find themselves in, or by simply going to a trader for whatever potential ingredients they might have to assist in the Alchemical process.
2: Identifying the properties of the Ingredients: Not all things have properties of use to Alchemy, but to find out, an alchemist needs to go through the process of identifying, this can be either through Alchemical lore or by experimentation upon the ingredients using the level one Alchemy skill. Ultimately, the Alchemist, at the end of this stage will know what an ingredient can or cannot do.
3: Preparing the Ingredients: Some ingredients will need certain preparation before they are chucked into the boiling pot, crushing, grinding, chopping etc.
4: Creating the Alchemical Concoction: Is done as per the basic description in the rulebook, with times pertinent to the appropriate level of skill be used.
5: Storing the Alchemical Concoction: Quite straight forward, most alchemy will probably be stored in small bottles or containers.



Alchemists Master Chart

Type: Base Cook Time: Components: Components (Optional): Shelf Life:
Base: Active: Advanced*:
Lesser Mundane: 30 Minutes: 1 1 None. 1 Day.
Greater Mundane: 45 Minutes: 1 2 1 1 Month.
Lesser Enchanted: 1 Hour: 1 3 2 1 Season.
Greater Enchanted: 2 Hours+: 1 4 3 1 Year.

*Advanced Components may be used in place of Active Ingredients.

Legendary Concoctions also take 2 Hours+ to brew (as per Level 5), sometimes even days, weeks or months. When brewing a Legendary Concoction, please consult the Alchemy Referee for brewing times and shelf life.


Alchemy Bases:

Alchemy liquids (for potions and posions), unguents (for poultices) and powders (for pills) are available to buy, or can be made, and are usually made up of a mix of water, sugar, salt and honey. Whilst this may seem a simple set of ingredients, it is only the Alchemist who knows how to put them together to create a base for concoctions.

Base Components**

1: Alchemical Liquid: For Potions and Poisons.
2: Alchemical Unguen:t For Poultices and Creams.
3: Alchemical Powder: For Powders and Tablets.
**Require Alchemy Level Two to make.

The market guide for Alchemical liquids, unguents and powders is as follows:

Base Type Value
Liquid 1 Bronze Helms
Unguent 2 Bronze Helms
Powder 3 Bronze Helms

Active Ingredients:

An active ingredient can be animal, vegetable or mineral.
The Alchemist can then identify the properties of the ingredient and, with the approriate forage skill level, harvest these ingredients correctly and safely.
They then combine these ingredients with a base and brew the mixture correctly to produce a concoction of the desired effect (hopefully…)


Advanced Alchemical Components

Advanced Components***

1: Alchemical Enhancer: Adds +1 to the Level of the Concoction or doubles the duration of effect. This does not increase the Shelf Life of the concoction.
2: Alchemical Preservative: Upgrades the Shelf Life of the Concoction as though it was one grade higher (Lesser Mundane lasts as Greater Mundane, or Greater Mundane lasts as though it was Lesser Enchanted etc).
3: Alchemical Neutraliser: Makes a Concoction appear as though it was plain, clear, odourless water.
4: Alchemical Retardant: Makes a Concoction work at a designated, delayed time after consumption of the Concoction.
***Require Alchemy Level Four to make.


Concoction Types

The Arcane Cookbook: Concoctions that effect Mana or Magic in some way.
The Effects Cookbook: Concoctions that effect a target in some way.
The Harming Cookbook: Concoctions that harm a target.
The Healing Cookbook: Concoctions that will heal a target.
The Mind Cookbook: Concoctions that effect the Mind.

To brew concoctions, the Alchemist must have at least level 2 Alchemy.
Having a good forage skill can be very useful. Not only will you be able to successfully harvest ingredients, but with the right levels of forage you will be able to cultivate and store ingredients.
Whilst brewing is an exact science, players are not expected to know the exact methods for doing so! Your character knows, so just enjoy the roleplay of brewing!

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