Alexis Tolatra

Madame Vanity Shank is a pseudonym assumed by this half-breed Madame, who has made her place in the Wrotan Fortress City of Wroth Cayeno, by attaining and making a profitable business off a Two-Masted Warship known now as 'The Love Boat'. But her story has more depth to it then being a mere Madame of a brothel.

Her real name is Alexis Tolatra, a bastard born of a lesser House owing allegiance to the greater House Damenyon, that hails from the Fomori Island of Rostir. Her parentage is where her story began, in that a visiting Feymori noble bedded her Fomori mother, and from the union of that night, she was conceived. The noble returned to his own kingdom and did not care to show any further interest in the Fomori he had bedded, and this led to shame for the mother-to-be, who was cast into repute by the loss of her maidenhood, and now bringing further shame to House Tolatra as being unworthy of marriage for political gain or prestige.

Once Alexis was born, her mother abandoned her, maybe even died or was cast into work for House Tremaine - Alexis did not know for she was raised as little better than a servant and endured the worst of times for her half-breed status. The lords of the house had a destiny planned for her, which she dutifully had little option but to keep to, hoping against hope to find a way out of this bind. And so when she flowered, she was sent to Taris and inducted into the School of Swans.

Graduating from there she found something she excelled at, but never forgot how she got there or that she wanted to forge her own path, so when the opportunity came, she was able to escape and flee Taris, and made a life for herself, adventuring at some points across Urutau, until she had enough fortune or fate, and ended up at Wroth Cayeno in the days of the Wrotan Empire.

She was there when the Fey-Sirona attacked, and survived, and was able to use her wiles to gain advantage within the ruins and break the heart of the weak-willed Commodore there, Marcus Levitius, who is hopelessly infatuated with her. It was his doing that led to her gaining the warship, a secret yet to be revealed.

Madame Vanity Shank had enjoyed good fortune in Wroth Cayeno, but since the the Wrotan Republic sent Admiral Rana Dae there this changed; inheriting the ruins of their Navy could only mean change, and Madame Shank did not remain in Wroth Cayeno very long, vanishing almost mysteriously overnight, not to be heard from again…

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