Aqualonia is the principle kingdom on the Elemental Plane of Water, occupied by the people or Aqualonia, or Aqualonians as they are referred to, they share the kingdom with Sea Nymphs who reside in colonies on its outskirts, and the kingdom acts as a guardian against the entrance to the Abyss.


Aqualonia is ruled by a King or Queen of the royal blood, specifically of the House of Palagius, of which since the death of King Valeray Palgius, there is no immediate successor to the crown.

The House of Palagius is one of seven houses that form the duchies of Aqualonia, of which another five are Aqualonian Houses, and one is accepted to be formed from the Sea Nymphs.

The Houses of Aqualonia:

1: The Royal House of Palagius.
2: The House of Vassai, ruled by Duke Regnar Vassai.
3: The House of Winchell, ruled by Duke Halren Winchell.
4: The House of Visola, rules by Duchess Mareen Visola.
5: The House of Theudas, ruled by Duke Tommas Theudas.
6: The House of Jeevika, rules by Duchess Caterina Jeevika.
7: The House of Leummim, overseen by Queen Edlen, Queen of the Sea Nymphs.

Political Stances:

The current situation is that House Palagius is ruled by a Queen not of the blood, who did not have time to secure a royal line to maintain the prosperity and continuation of the house and crown. The Queen (Odessa) is the daughter of Duke Halren Winchell. It is uncertain if she has the respect to hold the Lords and Ladies of House Palagius together, let alone the other houses.

The House of Winchell stands in support for Queen Odessa Palagius, naturally a father will stand by his daughter in such a situation.

Duke Tommas Theudas is the open contender opposing Queen Odessa Palagius, and has the support of Duke Regnar Vassai and Duchess Mareen Visola.

House Jeevika and House Leummim are neutral parties at this stage, though it is understood that representatives of House Leummim and House Jeevika are seeking word of the bastard heir of the late King's sister (Princess Mairin Palagius) on Urutau, perhaps support for House Palagius, but not Queen Odessa, it is difficult to read their intentions.

Hex Map Locations:


1: Duchy of Palagius; also the Main City district of Aqualonia and port.
2: Duchy of House Theudas, the Western district of Aqualonia.
3: Duchy of House Winchell, the Southern district of Aqualonia.
4: Duchy of House Jeevika, the south eastern district of Aqualonia.
5: Duchy of House Vassai, the northern district of Aqualonia.
6: Duchy of House Visola, the eastern district of Aqualonia..
7: Duchy of House Leummim.
8: Colony of Sea Nymphs.
9: Colony of Sea Nymphs.
10: Colony of Sea Nymphs.
11: Colony of Sea Nymphs.
12: The Isles of the Elementals.
13: The Endless Seas.

Black Hex: The Abyss.

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