Arcane Catkin

Original Concept by Craig Pezet, Edited by Trevor Halliday.


- Catkin (5) - must be specifically a black Were-Urgo Catkin.
- Must have taken 'Magic User' at Character Creation, even though the Character does not get any Magical casting abilities.

Level One: Familiar Feeling: May bind to a Magic User as a Familiar. Once bound the Catkin may also buy familiar abilities but they work both ways between the Arcane Catkin and the Mage. Each purchase of this requires Referee Mediation.

Level Two: Good Kitty: Twice per Day the Arcane Catkin can grant a target good fortune (as per the Enchanted Fortune on page 57 of the Element Skills Companion) for two minutes, if the target strokes the good kitty for good luck.

Level Three: Takes One to know One: May automatically sense Void Taint in another Catkin.

Level Four: Bad Kitty: Four Times per Day the Arcane Catkin may curse a target with bad luck (as per the Enchanted Misfortune on page 58 of the Element Skills Companion) for four minutes; use of this ability requires Referee Mediation.

Level Five: Mystic Kitty: The Arcane Catkin may regenerate Mana Points at a rate equal to their Were-Urgo Regeneration Ability.

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