Ariane Windfury

Ariane Windfury is a female Vespari and Magic User. Before she joined the Dragon Wing, she lived in Valorn with her mother, uncle and auntie and many siblings. Growing up in Erewan was tough for the young Vespari as she was more in tune with nature than her family most of them became skyship engineers or became part of the skyfleet, however they never stopped her fulfilling her dreams of becoming an advanced alchemist and was even gifted a supply of sweets to take with her on travels. She later met Nipper and Ryuu and joined The Dragonwing, she has also made small alliances with members of The Light Company.

Physical Description

Short, small pointy eared and dark purple hair. Is known to wear brown clothing and has purple markings under her eyes.



Known Associates

Nipper, Coraline, Morzan and Ryuu along with other members of the Dragon Wing and several Ulcas.

Known skills

Air magic, Alchemy and Foraging.

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