(real name not known)


Artemis (Arty by those brave enough to call her that)

Artemis Cheetarah the thundercat vampire slayer.


Catkin Were-Urgo

Physical Description:

Ocelot were-urgo, so the same markings as an ocelot (shown in picture above)
She wears a green waistcoat and green belt over a black shirt, she has a leather bag where she keeps many a varied item, trinkets, treasure and bits and bobs that may or may not have any other value, other than looking pretty.


Wild kingdom

Political Affiliation:


Tsunamika, Nimorian healer of the Forlorn Hope.
Ironstein, Mika's Gornang protector and guardian, aboard the Forlorn Hope
Gallus, Earth mage aboard the Forlorn Hope
Mifune, Fey-Sirona aboard the Forlorn Hope
Divaar, Trader aboard the Forlorn Hope
Captain Maximillian the third of the Vespari airship Forlorn Hope


all of the above,
Vanna, Alchemist.
The Doctor (Leon)
Nipper, Ryuu and their crew,
Etar Tol'solie
Pliskin Iroquois
Astor the Red
Dusty the Barkeeper


Etar Tol-solie


A few years ago Artemis woke up from an accident involving a wagon coming off the side of a hill, the driver was dead but Artemis survived probably because of her accelerated healing, she took the horse a rode it to the nearest village, by the time she got there she couldn't remember who she was or anything about her past. She named herself after she spotted the name 'Artemis' engraved on the horses saddle. After a few months of surviving by gambling and thievery, Artemis made the mistake of stealing from the leader of a particularly vicious gang and found herself cornered at the village docks, before falling into unconsciousness from the beating she sees Divaar, Mifune, Gallus and Ironstein coming to her aid. Later on Divaar offers Artemis a job on the ship in exchange for her being the cook and other skills.

(backstory from after the accident on the forums » )

She is now in between crews. Following where ever pleases her, returning to the Forlorn when she feels the need to rest. As they are the most like family to her.

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