Arthur The Bear

Arthur was just a plain and simple bear, captured by and tortured by Wrotan soldiers in the secret valley of Wroth Gelrahan, until he was rescued by Baelvanna and the other members of the Elemental Union who would go on to liberate Wroth Gelrahan from the influence of the Ethereal Lords.

Arthur then became a companion to the Fey-Tir who had rescued him, travelling with her to her small grove in Quelas to act as a guardian if you like for the small garden and treasure trove of Alchemy.

Things changed for Arthur recently when he got caught up in the waves of dragon magic, growing to a larger size and being empowered with strange magic, his purpose and power now that as Avatar of Lady Gaia and a source of strength to the Queldi Druids, but he also remains a faithful companion of the Fey-Tir who showed him kindness, watching over her garden.

Is famously known to use the catchphrase "I eat you now" In a dumb voice.

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