Born into a wealthy, well educated family in the Capital City of Wrotentia, Aurelius Augustine was the elder sibling to four sisters, and had a happy, affluent childhood. At the age of 13, his Father fell on the battlefield, and it fell to him to provide for his mother and sisters. The inheritance was a substantial amount, but a young Augustine was not one to rest on his laurels, and took a small job as a clerks assistant, before deciding to follow in his Father's footsteps, joining the Wrotan Army at the age of 15, where he worked his way up the ranks, becoming a prominent figure in the Wrotan Military, making some very useful allies and contacts. The year he turned 35 was not a good one for Augustine. His Mother was taken by illness, along with two of his sisters, and he suffered a leg injury, forcing him to retire with a grand severance pay.

Augustine remained in contact with several of those he had met during his time on the Army, perhaps most notably the now Thane of Quelas, father in law to Queen Nia. The Thane had served under Augustine, leading a contingent of Queldi soldiers within the Wrotan Army, and they had become firm friends, sharing knowledge and business over the years. Word had reached them of the annual Gladiator tournament in Nor Cavallel and peked their interest. It was this trip that sparked something in Augustine. Appalled by the horrific conditions in which the slaves, and gladiators, were kept, he vowed to start his own Ludus upon his return to Wrotentia. While the Thane returned to Quelas, Augustine remained in Nor Cavallel, researching, and scouting gladiatorial talent. And, while he did this, he sent word home for preparations to be made for their return, the order being issued to turn one of his properties into a Ludus, where his Gladiators would be well fed and comfortable, and receive the highest training. They would be a valuable source of income after all.

Upon his return, the Ludus was almost ready, and Augustine had the staff, and fighters, he needed. Over the next five years, Augustine would open two more schools, overseen by his two remaining sisters, Mercia and Cornelia, and a small arena. Building a reputation as a fair but firm Lanista with a head for business, the name 'Augustine' became one of recognition within Wrotentia, and further afield. As the entertainment of Gladiator fights became more popular with the public, Augustine decided that expansion of the arena would be necessary, and in the year 912 AoF, decided to invest heavily, along with his friend the Thane, in the renovation of the Grand Arena of Wrotentia, which had lain in a state of disuse for many years. The Arena was reopened in the ninth month of the year 913 AoF. Whilst the Arena is owned by the City, Augustine's investment sees him turn a more than adequate profit from the fights held there. And even during quiet times for his Gladiators, Augustine's contacts and reputation often see him being approached by members of the Military and the Senate, sometimes other parties, offering coin for the hire of his Gladiators.

In more recent times, Augustine has bought the Fighting Pit in Wroth Cayeno, with plans to to refurbish and renovate it into a proper arena being undertaken.

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