Autumn Strata.

Physical Description
Green eyes, long brown hair usually in a plait, not often seen without her armour.

Whilst born in the Wrotan Republic, she had lands in Souwei-Lorsan, Hrivemir after being ennobled by Duke Rana Dae - first as a Knight and then as a Baroness. These titles were stripped from her after she was found guilty of Treason versus the Crown.

Born and raised on a farmstead in rural Wrotentia. She helped her father, Kamion raise her two younger brothers Jae and baby Kam, after her mother died in childbirth. At the age of 12 she was captured by slavers when she, her father and brothers were attacked on a return journey home. She was the only survior, her brothers being killed due to their age and her father from trying to protect them.

When the slavers sold her she was put to use as medical staff, after the slaver realised she had some skills in this area. She didn't remain there long as when a patient made advances and she rejected them with force. She was transferred to a ludus as punishment, her owners believing she would not survive the week. The doktare there had been given orders not to train her, but when the other gladiators found she could relieve their pain after a fight, they trained her themselves in return. Autumn became an attraction for the arena as female gladitors were not common place, this brought her to the attention of Lanista Augustine on a visit. After negotiantion she was sold to him. Upon her arrival to Augustine's ludus she found that she was the only slave there, yet Augustine treated her the same as his professional gladiators. A few years on when the current Doktare retired, Augustine offered her the postion. She took it and fufilled her duties well, training gladitors and accompanying Augustine on trips. Recently she came to the attention of Duke Rana Dae.

Rana bought Autumn and one of her students Haiden Melborn setting them free. He placed her as captain of the light company and further more so none would question her authorithy ennobled her. As Haiden was her most trusted ally she raised him to the rank of sergeant.

In the first year of the Age of Dragons, Autumn was found to be guilty of Treason against the Kingdom of Water, stripped of all titles and possessions and imprisoned within the Nimorian House of Healing in Nor-Dalgontor, until such time as her freedom would be granted to her, after which she is exiled from the Kingdom of Water.

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