Bacchus is a rather potent Satyr from the Elemental Plane of Earth who is known to run in the Hunt with Lord Astagos, recently assigned to advise Nia in her attempt to make good her claim to the throne of Quelas at a price still to be paid by the young Queldi.

Bacchus is known to be something or a party animal who favours his own brewed drinks (of which he is an expert) and a lover of all things of beauty. He is not one for subtlety and will often favour direct means of dealing with things, though can accept and use means of misdirection if it serves to achieve a goal in mind.

Recently he 'took one for the team' to allow departure from the court of the Fey Queen by allies to go deal with Karazon of the Black and Great Black as they opened a portal on the island of Golgotha, Bacchus distracted the Fey Queen by becoming her lover, which seems to have developed beyond mere conquest…

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