Biomantic Magic

Biomancy is part of the Contemporary Principles of the Manifesto of Dark Magic, wherein the caster knows how to manipulate the flesh of a mundane body, for injury or for more perverse designs.

Level One: Sense Organic Patterns: The caster, when casting this spell may observe through ‘Enchanted’ means the way in which a target, living body is constructed and works – skills in Chirurgery and First Aid help immensely when translating what is seen and use of this spell can half the time scales of Chirurgery.

Level Two: Biomantic Reinforcement: Casting this spell requires physical touching of a target but allows the Magic User to either enhance their own physical well being, or the physical well-being of the target recipient by granting them an additional +2 Hits to All Locations for the duration of the spell.

Level Three: Biomantic Manipulation: The caster is now able to cast the magic upon a target, so as to rearrange the targets genetic building - in some cases this can be done for advantage, in other cases it can be done to cause harm, and if the spell duration is extended enough, even possible death – but all uses of this spell requires the Magic User to physically touch the target! A target can receive up to +3 Enchanted Points of Bonuses, usually with mediation with a Referee. A target can also be inflicted with up to -3 Enchanted Points of Penalties, again this should be done with the mediation of a Referee. Note: Expenditure of Three Void Points can be done to make the change permanent, and for it to be reversed requires a Magic User to use Greater Dispel and the expenditure of either Four Void Points, or Four Fate Points.

Level Four: Create Biomantic Life: Use of this touch-based spell requires first and foremost the expenditure of a Void Point, as well as having used Biomantic Manipulation to weave together the materials to house the life form, which can be a prolonged effort of Dark Magic. However, once the vessel is ready, the spell may be cast to create the Biomantic Life, or as they are known as, a Biomantic Creation. Experience Points must be spent for any Player Character using this ability to develop the creature, and as such the following guidelines appear for the creation of such monstrosities. Biomantic Creations: - All Biomantic Creations possess the Enchanted Ability of ‘Sense Life’, making Mundane Stealth useless versus these creatures.

- 1: The Biomantic Pollutant is nothing more than a vessel designed to carry a Mundane or Enchanted Disease, and has very little stability as its design is to explode upon contact with a directed target. It cannot survive even a Mundane Single, as a violent strike upon it causes it to explode spreading the disease it has been loaded with within a 2m radius. For reference is has Enchanted Tracking (3) and costs 5 Experience Points to create as well as 1 Void Point.

- 2: The Biomantic Worker is a slow, shambling workhorse that serves its creator, and perhaps its favoured use is to either keep alive the vestige of a fallen friend, or a fallen enemy that can be quite disturbing to those who knew such. For reference is has Enchanted Tracking (2) and +3 Hits per Location and costs 6 Experience Points to create as well as 1 Void Point.

- 3: The Biomantic Spy is designed specifically for being sneaky, sly and for observing enemies with skill. Its mind is sharp and completely loyal to its caster. The Spy has Enchanted Tracking (5), Enchanted Stealth (5) and possesses +6 Hits per Locations and costs 17 Experience Points to create as well as 1 Void Point.

- 4: The Biomantic Hunter is a predator, often built from the remains of dead Werewolves or other such creatures, even fused with materials from man shaped creatures, making them deadly creations to be pursued by, especially in numbers. The Hunter has Enchanted Tracking (5), Stealth (6), possesses +9 Hits per Location and its claws and teeth do ‘Mundane Triples’. Creating a Biomantic Hunter costs 24 Experience Points as well as 2 Void Points.

- 5: The Biomantic Warrior is created for violence through any means available to it. It has Enchanted Tracking (2), possesses +12 Hits per Location and may use any weapons to do ‘Mundane Triples’ and is Immune to Mundane ‘Singles’ and ‘Doubles’. Creating a Biomantic Warrior costs 20 Experience Points and 1 Void Point.

- 6: The Biomantic Golem is a mockery of life, perverse, gigantic, horrific and mindless. Often it is prodded forward into action by Biomantic Warriors at its rear using pole arms, and being unleashed can create devastation. It has Enchanted Tracking (1), possesses +15 Hits per Location and does ‘Mundane Quads’ with weapons or fists ( +2 Experience Points per additional arm beyond the standard two) and is Immune to Mundane ‘Singles’, ‘Doubles’ and ‘Triples’, Creating such a monster costs 25 Experience Points and 2 Void Points.

Level Five: Biomantic Warping: Unlike Biomantic Manipulation, this touch based spell allows the caster to warp a living target body to the twisted, sometimes agonising designs of the caster, to ‘Permanent Enchanted Effect’, only Divine power may reverse the effects upon a target, if they should survive the process of being turned into a Biomantic Monster. Note: Use of Biomancy is open to possibilities beyond the obvious evil, as such, should a character end up in possession of this spell list, Referee scrutiny, and advice will be available.

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