Bleakwynd Tor

Bleakwynd Tor is a manor in the county of Souwei-Lorsan in Hrivemir. The manor uses the Knight Game Play mechanics and was gifted to Nienna in Year Two of the Age of Dragons upon her ennoblement:

Economy: Average.
Military: Low.
Technology: Average.
Magic: Average.
Population: Average.

Hex Map Locations:

1: The Forest of Ice Waves.
2: The Village of Nogail.
3: The Village of Swyvyrn.
4: The Village of Balasca.
5: Bleakwynd Tor Manor House.
6: Balasca Mine.
7: Swyvyrn Quarry.
8: Nogail Quarry.
9: The Frozen Bleakwynd Lake.

Notes: The low military resources are due to those forces being put to use elsewhere along the defensive wall of the kingdom.

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