Blessing Of Lady Siriona

On occasion, from time to time, Lady Siriona will bless certain members of the Elemental Union who share alignment to her, just like any of the other Lords and Ladies. Nominally this comes in a mixture of blessing and curses, giving as much as expecting or taking for the granting of such blessings, they are a thing that occur for reason.

Level One Blessing: Blessed Ear: Lady Siriona bestows upon the follower an ear for the unspoken information lurking around a problem or dilemma crossing the path of the blessed individual, whispered in their ear from an Air Elemental in the Event Location. Level One costs nothing other than striking the bargain with Lady Sironia.

Level Two Blessing: Blessed Skin: The wiles of the blessed follower are enhanced by the roaring of the wind, granting the Blessed +2 'Divine Dodges' per Event. Level Two costs 25 Experience Points.

Level Three Blessing; Directing the Voices: Gaining this level of blessing, the character in question gains access to the network of Air Elemental Watchers and the things they espy upon, similar to level one, but now casting a greater net and level of service with the Air Elementals for gathering and sharing information. Level Three costs 50 Experience Points.

Level Four Blessing: Whispering Campaign: Up to four times per Event, the blessed may call upon the Air Elemental's to act in a fashion to turn situations to their advantage through the leanings of means political, knowledgeable or through the use of deception. Level Four costs 75 Experience Points.

Level Five: Awestruck: Summoned by the desires of the Blessed, a shining light of truth comes forth, illuminating the area with 'True Divine Light' that makes any level of Deception impossible until dismissed by the Blessed or an hour has passed. This ability may be used once per event and all caught within the light are compelled to speak without inhibition and will only speak the truth. Level Five costs 100 Experience Points.

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