Blessing Of Lady Vulcas

On occasion, from time to time, Lady Vulcas will bless certain members of the Elemental Union who share alignment to her, just like any of the other Lords and Ladies. Nominally this comes in a mixture of blessing and curses, giving as much as expecting or taking for the granting of such blessings, they are a thing that occur for reason.

Level One Blessing: Burnt in the Mind, Burnt in the Flesh: Finding yourself blessed by Lady Vulcas is to find yourself bearing the scarring caused of being burnt, both upon the body and within the mind. The effect of this blessing is that the disciple becomes immune to any mind effects used against them, Mundane or Enchanted. Level One costs nothing other than striking the bargain with Lady Vulcas.

Level Two Blessing: Calling the Fire: Through a form of vocalised power, the blessed are able to reach within with such power that they may cry our and call to raging fires for added protection, being granted two 'Divine Dodges' that enable them to escape from any form of mundane or enchanted pursuit, being transported to the Elemental Plane of Fire to a place of sanctuary. The escape extends the effect of the burnt scarring upon the body each time this is used. Level Two costs 20 Experience Points.

Level Three Blessing; Divine is the Flame: Gaining this level of blessing, the character in question becomes immune to all forms of 'Mundane' and 'Enchanted' fire (Use of Calling the Fire still burns when used!). In addition, the blessed may look into the fires to gain 'Insight and Meditation' twice per day, as though used by magic users but without the need for mana expenditure of course. Level Three costs 50 Experience Points.

Level Four Blessing: Request of Fire: By nursing a fire and then making a request into the flames, Lady Vulcas will send a Fire Elemental to do the bidding of the character so blessed, to perform one duty as defined in the request into the fire. Level Four costs 75 Experience Points.

Level Five: The Fire Falls: At the desire of the blessed, a hail of fire will tear up and gout from the ground, erupting up to strike a 'True Divine Fatal' to all but the blessed making the call and those born of the Element of Fire. Use of this ability requires the expenditure of a Fate Point. The strike effects a large area, equal to the gauge of the request, its need, its purpose and the judgement of the Referee Team. Level Five costs 100 Experience Points.

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