Blessing Of Lady Yaleena

On occasion, from time to time, Lady Yaleena will bless certain members of the Elemental Union who share alignment to her, just like any of the other Lords and Ladies. Nominally this comes in a mixture of blessing and curses, giving as much as expecting or taking for the granting of such blessings, they are a thing that occur for reason.

Level One Blessing: Token: Lady Yaleena bestows upon the follower her blessing, sharing a deep calm that makes the follower immune to Fear or Intimidation, be it through means Mundane or Enchanted. Level One costs nothing other than striking the bargain with Lady Yaleena.

Level Two Blessing: Healing Salvation: This level of blessing by Lady Yaleena enables the blessed to heal two wounds by two hit points twice per day, as though it were the natural Nimorian Ability, but in a more limited fashion. Level Two costs 25 Experience Points.

Level Three Blessing; Medicus: The blessed gains +3 to one of the following skills: First Aid, Chirurgery, Disease or Poisons, and this skill now becomes Divine. Level Three costs 50 Experience Points.

Level Four Blessing: Touch of Lady Yaleena: Four times per day the blessed can heal all wounds in an individual, so long as they remain alive, closing wounds as they bestow their 'Divine' touch upon the character. With the expenditure of Fate Points (2-3 is advised), it may be possible to reverse even Death, subject to Referee Mediation and conditions of the Target. Level Four costs 75 Experience Points.

Level Five: The Touch of Purity: By spending a Fate Point, the blessed character may act as though being a mortal vessel linked directly to Lady Yaleena, and can heal any wounds in any body for the duration of the scene (as to be judged by the Referee) additional Fate Points may even be used to turn the dying or the dead, so that they come back to life, again subject to the discretion of the Referee overseeing the moment of Fate and 'True Divine Power'. Level Five costs 100 Experience Points.

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