Blessing Of Lord Astagos

On occasion, from time to time, Lord Astagos will bless certain members of the Elemental Union who share alignment to him, just like any of the other Lords and Ladies. Nominally this comes in a mixture of blessing and curses, giving as much as expecting or taking for the granting of such blessings, they are a thing that occur for reason.

Level One Blessing: Token of Empowerment: Lord Astagos bestows upon the follower a token that is empowered to serve the wearer in a specified purpose, normally in the form of a ring, or a necklace, sometimes a spear or even a bow. The token is considered to be 'Enchanted' for one purpose, to be agreed between the Referee and the Player. Level One costs nothing other than striking the bargain with Lord Astagos.

Level Two Blessing: Calling the Hunt: Through a form of vocalised power, the blessed are able to reach within with such power that they may cry out and call to the hunt for added protection, being granted two 'Divine Dodges' that enable them to escape any form of 'mundane' or 'enchanted' pursuit. Level Two costs 25 Experience Points.

Level Three Blessing; Directing the Hunt: Gaining this level of blessing, the character in question gains +3 to one of the following skills: Tracking, Stealth or Foraging, and the chosen skill permanently becomes 'Divine'. Level Three costs 50 Experience Points.

Level Four Blessing: Fear of the Hunt: Up to four times per day, the blessed may call upon the horns of the hunt to resound through the region, instilling 'Divine Fear' in any who are not of the Elemental Union, or are in possession of Void Points; it will literally frighten off all animals so that they flee the area (approximately 5 Miles). Level Four costs 75 Experience Points.

Level Five: The Strike of Lord Astagos: Summoned by the desires of the blessed, a spear or arrow will come forth, tearing through the ether to find its intended target, to strike with a 'True Divine Fatal' within the boundaries of the Event. The strike never misses the target and death is instantaneous. Use wisely as it may only be used once per event and requires Referee Notification. Level Five costs 100 Experience Points.

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