Blood Bastards

The Blood Bastards are creatures found within the Labyrinth of the Dark Mountains, failed experiments of the Vampires Blood Magic that have somehow clung to existence and endured within the mountains to spawn and make the Labyrinth a dangerous place to explore. Physically they share no real continuity, differing in size and shape, though there are terms which gauge a generic classification for those who have come across them and survived:

1: The Blood Hulk: a Slow, but powerful brute that relies on its grasp and ability to feed from fleshy things.
2: The Blood Creeper: a Sly, Stealthy creature that relies on shadow and hunting to sate its appetite.
3: The Blood Spawn: a more Standard, attack and feed creature, the type most commonly encountered, sometimes in packs.
4: The Blood Fawn: a Fast, Nimble creature, it focuses on one target, and takes it down with haste to feed.

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