Blood Magic

Used principally by Vampires, this is a form of Dark Magic that allows for the manipulations of blood within a target, to gain access to this spell list, a character must be taught it by a Vampire.

Level One: Sense Blood: The casting of this spell reveals sources of fresh, living blood within the range of the spell.

Level Two: Blood Rage: The casting of this spell enables the Magic User to force a target into a violent, berserker rage that sets the target upon all that they perceive to be enemies – except the caster of course! The spell gives the target a lesser version of the Fykari Berserker Rage, granting the target +2 Hits to All Locations, it raises their Mundane Damage Call by one level up to a maximum of ‘Mundane Quad’ and so long as the spell is active, the target will fight anyone it sees to be a threat i.e. Not the Caster of the spell. At the end of the spell, the target must collapse to the floor, exhausted from the efforts and it takes five minutes to recover from the effects of the spell physically, emotionally depends on the damage they were able to cause…

Level Three: Blood Manipulation: Through casting this spell, the Magic User is capable of manipulating the flow of blood within the target, what this does is mediated with Referee intervention.

Level Four: Blood Binding: Casting this spell, and doing so repeatedly, along with the giving of the casters blood to the target, enables the caster to build a dominating ‘Enchanted’ connection to the target. This allows the caster to direct and control the emotional state of the target, and to be able to summon them over greater distances, depending on the level of the bond that has been built. Note: Vampires with this spell are able to use some of their inherent abilities without being restricted by their normal means.

Level Five: Blood Devastation: Unless the target is protected by Enchanted Defences, the caster is able to use this spell, and force the targets blood to erupt from their body, causing the target to suffer ‘Quad Enchanted Global Damage’. Note: Vampires using this spell may summon the blood directly to them, and use it to feed.

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