Born Of The Tribe

Born of the Tribe is specific to those who have grown up within the tribal structure that defines the the Queldi, and while it lists the main tribes of the Queldi race, it may also be used to define clans within that tribe. A Queldi who was born outside of Quelas, or has shunned traditional Queldi life should not take this skill list.

Queldi Tribes & Their Speciality Skills:

1: The Cursed Tribe: Also known as The Royal Tribe: Alchemy, Deception & Invocation.
2: The Farvalyn Tribe: Shield Use, Tracking & Trade: Horses.
3: The Sea Worthies Tribe: Deception, Evaluate & Trade.
4: The Blackmane Tribe: One Handed Weapon, First Aid & Shield Use.
5: The Irricente Tribe: Rogue, Trade & Two Handed Weapon.
6: The Durnstromm Tribe of Southport: Evaluate, Orientation & Trade.

Skill List:

Level One: Tribal Lore: The character knows the specific history of their tribe, including nobles, items of historic note and enmities; this skill rises with the level of the Skill List.

Level Two: Blood of the Tribe: The Character gains +2 Hits to All Locations.

Level Three: Priodaur: The character gets +3 Free Points to spend on the Tribe's Specialities at character generation. If this skill is taken during play they gain +1 to each of the tribal speciality skills.

Level Four: Shieldwall: x4 Times per Event, the Tribe (requires at least four Queldi Player Characters) may invoke this ability to do one of the following effects by shouting and forming a 'Shieldwall':

- 'Strength in Arms' - Immunity to Mundane & Enchanted Mind Effects for Four Minutes.
- 'Brace for Impact' - Immunity to All Mundane Damage for Four Minutes.
- 'Hold your Ground' - Immunity to All Mundane calls of ‘Knock Back’ or ‘Knock Down’ for Four Minutes.
- '> shouts & screams <' – Mass Intimidation for Four Minutes, causing Mundane ‘FEAR’ in all enemies nearby.

Note: Four Queldi of differing Tribes may use this skill, but only at half duration.

Level Five: Strength in Numbers: The character gets +1 bonus Hits to All Locations, to a maximum bonus of +5 Hits to All Locations, per fellow Tribal Member with them (must be a Player Character and cannot be an NPC). The Queldi may use this ability if they are of different tribes, if they are united under a noble leader of the rank 'Thane' or higher.

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