Bronze Hawk Clan

The Bronze Hawk Clan was one of the many missing and presumed fallen clans that helped to make up Fey-Sirona Society. They originated from the floating city of Menyel-Iuchi which fell during the Age of the Void. They count among the last survivors of the Champion Race of Air after their service to the mysterious Lady of Law. In recent times they have been stationed in the Morigena Kingdom in service to Duke Rana Dae, but have been released from this service to return to and serve the High King. The clan is divided into ten families, units that work together each family numbers approximately ten members, who serve the Daimyo with dedication, loyalty and respect.

The Bronze Hawk Clan are more inventive Samurai and make for inspired Shugenja, due to their unique perspectives and way of dealing with issues that confront them. They have dedicated themselves to combatting the Void, and seek to do this by helping those that wish it find redemption and assisting the Elemental Union forces where they can. They aim to help others avoid falling prey to the void and remaining free of its influence.

Clan Advantage: The members of this clan are resistant to the voids effects. As such the void cannot control them or learn what they know until the clan member has 3 Void Points.

Clan Disadvantage: The Bronze Hawk clan cannot draw power from the void and spending a Void Point grants them no benefit. While a member has a Void Point they may not cast magic nor can they increase their level in any skills or take new skills. The cost of buying off Void Point for this clan is doubled, costing 20xp or 2 skill points.


The Bronze Hawk Clan consists of 10 Families each with up to 10 members in each. These families each have a different role within the clan:

The Chainbearers: This family consist of elemental magic users and shugenja. They work as a group using air manipulation to gather air concentrate it and then pass it on to the next one in the chain. When they are all together they are capable of great feats of air magic as by the time it reaches the 10th member they have gathered a huge amount of concentrated air for manipulating.

There are currently 9 members in this family.

Family Benefit: The member gains +1 Mana for each family member present.

The Bound: A family of Samurai that take magical staffs as their Samurai weapons. They act as rearguard, should the need be great enough their job is to hold off a large force to allow others to escape, if they die while undertaking this duty their weapon will break as per samurai and thus the staffs will explode, as a final means of holding off the void for as long as possible.

Family Benefit: Staffs bound to the Samurai count as being 1 level higher in their hands.

As a result of the attack on Etoa A’Ahn in 914AoF , their bravery means that this particular family is sadly no longer around.

The Winged: This is a group of Samurai and Shugenja that focus on using mastery of the manipulation of air in order to fly. This has allowed the family members to more safely remove innocents from harm's way and if required combat air units.

There are currently 9 members of this family.

Family Benefit: Members of this Family gain do not suffer falling damage, and merely float to the ground, like a leaf on the wind…

The Ghosts: Masters of the ethereal arts, this family consists of Samurai and Master Shugenja. Using their skills they seek to keep others safe form the menace that is the Ethereal Lords. They often use their natural ability to become intangible in numerous inventive ways.

There are currently 7 members of this family.

Family Benefit: Members of this family have the duration to switch between mundane and ethereal forms shortened by 1 second.

The Lorekeepers: This family is charged with safekeeping the old arts and, just as importantly, recording the new arts and techniques that are constantly being invented and discovered by the clan. They are knowledgeable in numerous subjects both old and new.

There are currently 9 members of this family.

Family Benefit: Members of this family gain +2 to any Lore of their choosing.

The Sparks: This is the family that is dedicated to trying to discover and develop new magic and use it in weird and wonderful ways. Ingenious and inventive these Fey-Sirona take inspiration from the wind, often bending rigid rules in new unexpected directions.

There are currently 7 members of this family.

Family Benefit: The members of this family may benefit from the first level of any Fey Sirona skill list from the ELEMENT Players Handbook (eg: may gain the benefits of lvl1 Ronin without actually being a Ronin). This does not include advanced skills from the Skills Companion.

The Wisps: This family of samurai is dedicated to diversity. They train in numerous different areas, stealth, alchemy, trade, healing. They work to try and support others in the tasks while learning whatever they can.

There are currently 8 members of this family.

Family Benefit: Once per event they may assist a character with a test in a skill tree they possess, granting them a re-test if they fail.

The Stormbringers: These samurai have dedicated themselves to the worship of Lord Arios. They are often Paladins and Priests but are known for having the same compassionate and understanding nature as the rest of the Bronze Hawk Clan.

Family Benefit: Once per day the family member may make a mundane attack enchanted.

Like The Bound, this family also fell in the Battle of Etoa A’Ahn against the Ethereal Lords in 914AoF.

The Whisperers: Samurai that are dedicated to Lady Siriona. In addition to being samurai they are also Priests or Geisha. As well as tending to those they can aid they seek to enhance the flow of information by both listening and sharing.

There are currently 9 members of thiis family.

Family Benefit: Once per day, the members of this family may call upon the whispers of the wind, and ask for a piece of information relevant to the task at hand.

The Elders: This group leads the families of the clan. Each member of this group is a Daimyo and is responsible for overseeing and communicating with a specific family. Should a Daimyo be killed then a replacement is chosen from the family they represented to fill this position. The 10th member of this family is the Clan Daimyo who oversees the members of the families and distributes his/her orders through them.

There are currently 8 Elders.

Family Benefit: Retain the family benefit from their original family. The Clan Daimyo may choose an additional benefit from any of the other familes.

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