Chameleon is one part of the Laws of the Chaos that Demons may learn and master:

Level One: Sense Alignment: The Demon can determine, by sense, the Void Taint, or Good nature within individuals around it.

Level Two: Reflect Alignment: The Demon defensively reflects the alignment of those around it for a protection mechanism, in mixed company the Demon appears as a Neutral.

Level Three: Manipulate Alignment: The Demon may manipulate the strength of Void Taint and Good Nature that exists between a target. Both have to be present to be able to be manipulated, and may be increased or decreased by up to three points, but the manipulation must be completed so that the target still possesses both alignments (Void Points and Good Nature).

Level Four: Change Alignment: The Demon may turn a Target from Good Nature to Void Taint, or from Void Taint to Good Nature, Four Times per Event.

Level Five: Negate Alignment: The Demon is able to turn a Target from Good Nature, or Void Taint, to that of Neutral, Once per Event.

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