Character Creation


ELEMENT uses a priority-point based character generation system that provides a general fairness and standard level to characters at the beginning of their introduction within the game system; players are free to choose what it is they want to play but are bound within the parameters of priorities to what race, skills, hit points and choice of magic they wish to have. In addition, no starting character may begin the game with skills above level 3 unless otherwise stated within the racial description of the chosen race or a specific racial skill list, or by spending "freebie points".

Below is the table you will use to create your character. You will pick one choice from each column. Each section will be explained below.

Priority Race Hit Points Skill Points Magic User Void Points
A Chosen Race +5 +25 Yes 4
B Non Human +4 +20 Yes 3
C Non Human +3 +15 No (+3 free pts) 2
D Human +2 +10 No (+2 free pts 1
E Human +1 +5 No (+1 free pts) 0

You will select how you prioritise your choices, beginning with various concepts. If you want to play a magic user, then Priority A or B must be picked for this. If you want to play a Chosen Race Magic User, then prorities A and B are accounted for by Race and Magic User, leaving priorities C, D and E for starting hits, skill points and Void points (Void points are covered further down this page).
Only one choice per section is allowed. You cannot choose Prority A as Magic User, and Priority D as Not a Magic User with 2 freebie points.

For example, Catherine wants to play a Feygorn Mage. So, she chooses as follows:

Prority A - +25 Skill Points
Prority B - Magic User
Priority C - Non Human
Priority D - +2 Hit Points
Priority E - 0 Void Points

Having opted for +25 Skill Points, Catherine may now choose her skills from the Players Handbook, and the Skills Companion (Which can be found on our Facebook Group Page, or on the About Element page of this Wiki.

At the bottom of the page is a table for creating characters for players under the age of 14.


Races follow thus:

  • Chosen Races - The Were-Urgo, Gornang, Fey-Sirona, Morigena/Fomori
  • Non-Human Races - The Fey Tir, Korrigan, Feygorn, Ulcas, Vespari, Dracosylph, Feymori, Angmori, Nimorian
  • Human Races - The Queldi, Fykari, Wrotan (All of these get +1 Skill Point)
  • Vidian Races - The Ethereal Lords, Vampire, Werewolf, Fey Sidious

Hit Points:

Hit Points chosen represent the amount of damage your character can take to each locational body area, before that location becomes useless.

Locations are as follows:

Right Arm
Left Arm
Right Leg
Left Leg

Skill Points:

The amount of skill points chosen are used for skill picks up to a maximum of level 3 at Character Creation. The exception to this rule is the extra "freebie points", listed under the Magic User section of the creation table. These points may be used to take a skill above level 3 at character creation, but only to level 4 - never to level 5

Magic User:

Players who choose to start as a Magic User begin the game with 10 Mana and may spend skill points on magic skills from both the Elementary Magic and Elemental Magic skill lists. Skill Points may also be used in purchasing a bound staff.

Void Points:

It is recommended that all starting characters do not take Void points as they are bad, and are included in the above table to take into account some starting NPC bad guys or contacts.

Weapons, Armour and Equipment:

Characters are limited to begin with by the skills they are capable of using. Money is an integral part of any gaming world and will be available, however characters begin the game with the equipment they have and can use and are given 5 Silver Crests for in character money.


In addition to the standard number crunching of creating a character, it is always good to think about the concept and background of your character. The more information and detail you put into its creation the more rounded it will be, and will also give your referee a good marker for personal plot and intrigue.

Creating Characters for players under the age of fourteen:

Character Creation for players uinder the age of 14 should use the following chart.

Priority Race Hit Points Skill Points Magic User Void Points
A Chosen Race +3 +15 Yes 0
B Non Human +3 +15 Yes 0
C Non Human +2 +10 Yes 0
D Human +2 +10 No (+2 free pts 0
E Human +1 +5 No (+1 free pts) 0

Restrictions: Characters created using this chart may buy skills at a maximum level of 2 without the expenditure of Free Points or Experience Points.

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