Heroes of the Earth Realms:

The Queldi:

1: Hob, Trader.

The Fey-Tir:

1: Baelvanna, Fey-Tir Alchemist. Apparently she could do more… Like crawl with the bears.
2: Tenebris HEEEAAAAAAAATHEENNNNNNN<- nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i lied :P
3: Mordin Solus, likes being imprisoned.

The Korrigan:

There are currently no Korrigan in play

The Were-Urgo:

Earth Halfbreeds:

1: Thosi - Ex-Wolfkin, now Human.
2: Tulip, Queldi/ Fey-Tir Halfbreed, Broth Goblin.

Heroes of the Fire Realms:

1: Astor The Red, Champion of Lord Gorn. Expert Diplomat, Single Father.

The Fykari:

1: Ashaan al Hasan
2: Rahi Ack Vanzaang : A fykari without the rage
The Feygorn:

1: Alaar Valnan: Pyromancer, Loud, Possibly suicidal.

The Gornang:

1: Brahn - HERO!
2: Ragnar the Dwarf.

The Ulcas:

1: Big Lez Destroyer of Taverns & Boats, gatherer of void points, Fixed Points!

Heroes of the Air Realms:

The Wrotan:

There are currently no Wrotan in play

The Men of the Mountains:

1: Ebenezer Good Burns Man with the Mojo…
2: Irah she has a bit of a bite…

The Fey-Sirona:

1: Mifune.
2: Vale.
3: Jiao Long Ronin.

The Vespari:

1: Skylar Stargazer, Politician

The Dracosylph:

1: Shykyrry. Purple hunter of House Yssyl.
2: Mynyree: The one we don't talk about (Very White Girl).

Air Halfbreeds:

1: Trucido Stormslayer: Half Fey-Sirona/ Half Wrotan Man, Slave of Rana Dae.

Heroes of the Water Realms:

The Morigena:

1: Alyra Tremaine, Missing Queen accused of Treason and Theft.
2: Duke Rana Dae, the Teflon-Coated One.

The Feymori:

1: Logan Jonah Feymori Dandy, Socialite.

The Angmori:

1: Arkon Vikt slightly dead but won't let it go.

The Nimorians:

1: Leon De' Vier Nimorian Doctor.
2: Uncle Tobias Book Priest within the EU Church, a peaceful man…
3: Yaleena, Mute Priestess and Dracosylph Wannabe.
4: Syllarin Una: Dogboy, Fishboy… Boy…
5: Lady Nienna Dae: Nimorian Healer.


1: Aracho Eight legged freak with a terrible dress sense.
2: Oberon an Elf of Chaos Alignment.

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