Heroes of the Earth Realms

The Queldi:

1: Bard, Queldi Bard (Retired).
2: Ragnar 'The Bear' Bearclaw, Queldi Totem Warrior and Watcher of the Princess (Retired).
3: Braeden Fletcher (Retired).
4: Queen Nia the Eloquent… (NPC; Retired as a Player Character).
5: Gallus Solomon, ask him about jars of dirt! (Deceased).
6: Adamidas Blackwynd Returning Totem Warrior (Retired).
7: Fearghas Macleod User of Shields to attack!
8: Robert Macleod.
9: Dorian Kane. Queldi Totem Warrior and professional gladiator (Retired)
10: Fulmanus. Bard. Frontman of QUEENSLAYEEER. (Deceased).

The Fey-Tir:

1: Baelvanna, Fey-Tir Alchemist. Apparently she could do more… Like crawl with the bears.
2: Angelus Rootbound. Exile (Retired).
3: Boo, sneaky sneaky… (Retired).
4: Cerveth (Deceased).
5: Mavis Vermillion of the Elm Family (Deceased).
6: Thatan Vermillion of the Willow Family.
7: Tenebris of the Grump family, most grumpiest Fey-tir alive.

The Korrigan:

1: Pella Thistlebritch (Retired).
2: Mahon (Deceased).
3: Ramsey: Mover of Earth, Drinker of Alcohol, Purveyor of Westcountry accents. (Retired)

The Were-Urgo:

1: Munkustrap, Hunter. (Retired)
2: Colina, Young Wolfkin.
3: Roderick Bearington Bearkin. (Retired).
4: Nipper Ferretkin - MIA.
5: Artemis Ocelot. (Deceased)
6: Dayna Bearington Bearkin, young sister of Roderick. (Retired)
7: Roary Lionkin! (Retired)
8: Leonidas the Lionkin - MIA.
9: Amber
10: Vulpin the Archer.
11: Wukong - Monkeykin (Deceased).
12: Vixy - Curious Foxkin (Retired)
13: Dodger - Dogkin Guardian (Retired).
14: Dozer: Bullkin, Bullheaded (Retired)
15: Suki - not a bright kitty! (Retired)
16: Zef: Lemur Monkeykin (No I don't know how it works)
17: Thosi: Wolfkin, Former O'dinn Slave, little bit loopy.

Earth Halfbreeds:
1: Valkerie Stormcloak. (Deceased)
2: Tulip the bard, Woo-er of beatings, gatherer of racial hate, tattooist of purty flowers.

Heroes of the Fire Realms

1: Astor The Red, Champion of Lord Gorn. Expert Diplomat, Single Father.

The Fykari:

1: Amil-ack-Belar, Fykari Wizard. (Retired).
2: Munchkin, Agrippa's Fykari Squire (Retired).
3: Nasir Salhariem.
4: Saladin-al-Asad.
5: Stark: Fykari spirit caller, mask wearer, wanderlust. (Retired)
6: Effie Nuraya. (Retired)
7: Rahi Sand ex-slave gladiator, wants to punch Lez,will probably regret it
8: Ashan Al Hasan No phoenix boi

The Feygorn:

1: Cera, the Feygorn Pyromancer, died liberating Wroth Gelrahan. (Deceased).
2: Linkin Loowyu, Feygorn Elementalist (Retired).
3: Delron Pyromancer! (Retired).
4: Muldrow Pyromantic Collector of Gargoyles! (Deceased).
5: Taria Quiet but deadly! (NPC).
6: Narwen (Deceased).
7: Fainauriel (Deceased).
8: Alaar Valnan: Pyromancer, Loud, Possibly suicidal.

The Gornang:

1: Ritza Hammersong (Retired).
2: Ironstein Gornang Paladin. (Deceased).
3: Ragnar the Dwarf.
4: Brahn, hero of gorn, bearded wonder, a shame Gorn didn't return his eyebrows…

The Ulcas:

1: Minty-Like-Rhyno, The Butcher's loyal Guard. (Retired).
2: Nanahgeddan, Shaman of the Giiza Tribe. (Retired).
3: Rasht 'The Butcher', Chief of the Giiza Tribe. (Retired).
4: Hiss-Roc formerly of the Warteef tribe (Deceased).
5: Grok. (Deceased).
6: Halore. Lover of Goats. (Retired/Baby/Dead).
7: Ten-Ten, Jack of all trades!
8: Big Lez Destroyer of Taverns & Boats, gatherer of void points, Fixed Points!
9: Borkus, keep an eye on your babies!

Heroes of the Air Realms

The Wrotan:

1: Agrippa, Champion of the Wrotan Republic.
2: Talia, Wrotan Swordmaster. (Retired).
3: Matsuro Hando, Agent of Fate, Order of the Broken Spiral (Super deceased).
4: Titus Verine, Veteran of the Wrotan Republic (Retired).
5: Yalirus Redeemed Demon, mother of Lexus.
6: Haiden Strata Former Captain of the Light Company (Imprisoned for Treason in Lyrzeria).
7: Autumn Strata Former Major in the Morigena Army (Imprisoned for Treason in Hrivemir).
8: Gaius, run away Gogi and Illiterate Philosopher (Deceased.)

The Men of the Mountains:

1: Jared Uytvar (Retired).
2: Valorstanus. (Deceased).
3: Radar the Young Savage Warrior.
4: Toor the even Younger Savage Warrior.
5: Ophelia, mad shaman woman. (Deceased).

The Fey-Sirona:

1: Chihiro, Samurai with unknown purpose. (Deceased).
2: Mifune Ronin Shugenja-turned honourless Samurai (Deceased then Alive again, it happens more often than you think).
3: Shiro Samurai.
4: Sindale Samurai (Turned pirate).
5: Vale.
6: Sanura, of the White Dragon Clan.(Retired.)
7: Gin: Samurai, Shugenja, Pronounced how it's spelt. (Retired)

The Vespari:

1: Skyship Captain Maximillian III Boldly going somewhere… (Retired).
2: Ariane Windfury (Retired).
3: Skylar Stargazer Politician, giver of drugs hugs.
4: Sunshine meadowbloom the fifth Politician, explorer, alchemist (Deceased).
5. Richard Skyross: Airship pilot (Deceased)
6. Shimmer Silvermist: Drug Addled (Deceased)

The Dracosylph:

1: Skyrych Whytwyng, Former Bearer of the Purple Dragon Avatar. (Obliterated).
2: Ryuu. Captain of the Dragonwing (MIA).
3: Ragoth. The Grey (Black, then purple, now back to Black in name only).
4: Ynyngywyyn Bryckynclyw. White Seer and Ice Mage of House Kyryll. (Deceased).
5: Shykyrry. Purple hunter of House Yssyl.
6: Syvyth. Purple (Deceased).
7: Dyrm. Purple (Retired).
8: Mynyree: The one we don't talk about (Very White Girl).

Air Halfbreeds:
1: Kika Half Fey-Sirona/ Half Wrotan Girl.
2: Night Sky Half Fey-Sirona/ Half Wrotan Girl.
3: Hafu: Half Fey-Sirona/ Half Wrotan Man (Deceased)
4: Trucido Stormslayer: Half Fey-Sirona/ Half Wrotan Man, Slave of Rana Dae
5: Alexander: Ha'Marr, Alchemist, Friend of Kevan (Retired)

Heroes of the Water Realms

The Fomori:

1: Queen Alyra Tremaine.
2: Pyrrhus Damenyon Slayer of Lord Findias Tremaine (Retired).
3: Duke Tulkas Salui. Speaks to fish. Giant knob. Slippery Bastard (Retired).

The Morigena:

1: Duke Rana Dae, the Teflon-Coated One.
2: Sir Morden Dae, Freelance Pirate!
3: Midas Dae (Deceased - He got better though! NPC)
4: Pliskin Iroquois, The Grandmaster Wasteland Hunter. (Finally Deceased?)
5: Vilynarah Branwine from Wes-Kurul.

The Feymori:

1: Morgan Llyr Adventuring Swashbuckler (Retired).
2: Dírvaar Kraesthorn Trader and Swashbuckler (Deceased).
3: Captain Telellë Ráva, Captain of the Good Ship, Liberty. (Deceased).
4: Morzan of the Dragon's Wing Crew. (Deceased). Who?
5: Etar Void Expert and sassy diplomat. (Deceased)
6: Pirate Steve Lover of Fine Rum (Deceased - again!)

The Angmori:

1: Zuelia Axel Priestess of Lady Yaleena (Retired, now an NPC).
2: Dvarg Mordäre Weird friend of Zuelia's. (Deceased)

The Nimorians:

1: Lady Vyronessa Stayne, Warrior-Maiden (Retired).
2: Ylliria, Sister and troublemaker (Deceased).
3: Tsunamika Full of healing goodness! (Deceased).
4: Kiera Kade Nimorian Priestess (Retired).
5: Leon De' Vier Nimorian Doctor (Retired!)
6: Rennata (Retired).
7: Uncle Tobias Book, Priest within the EU Church, a peaceful man…
8: Ren, ALL of the healing (Deceased).
9: Yaleena, Mute Priestess and Dracosylph Wannabe.
10: Nienna: Healer, Aspiring mage
11: Merissa Thalassa: Priestess of Pleasure, Fan of Pan, Healer
12: Syllarin Una: Guardian of Merissa, Salami


1: Ivory of the Were-Avari (Retired).
2: Xavalis, Satyr who wants to bone everything.(Retired).
3: Aracho, 8 legged freak with a terrible dress sense.

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