Heroes of the Earth Realms:

The Queldi:

1: Hob, Trader.

The Fey-Tir:

The Korrigan:

There are currently no Korrigan in play

The Were-Urgo:

Amber. No not that one.

Earth Halfbreeds:

  • Tulip, Queldi/ Fey-Tir Halfbreed, Broth Goblin.


  • Rue We keep her around for the Parties.

Heroes of the Fire Realms:

The Fykari:

The Feygorn:

The Gornang:

The Ulcas:

There are currently no Ulcas in play

Heroes of the Air Realms:

The Wrotan:

  • Tiberius. Has many ex wives.

The Men of the Mountains:

  • Irah she has a bit of a bite…

The Fey-Sirona:

The Vespari:

There are currently no Vespari in play

The Dracosylph:

  • Mynyree: The one we don't talk about (Very White Girl).

Air Halfbreeds:

Heroes of the Water Realms:

The Morigena:

There are currently no Morigena in play

The Feymori:

  • Morgan Spice Feymori Pirate

The Angmori:

  • Diane Dinglebridge Head of UTC Light Company 'Happy Resolutions'. Longest running Captain!

The Nimorians:

Water Halfbreeds:


The Throne of Shadows Cast:

  • Rowan A real Thorn in the heart…
  • Sitth very 'legitimate' business man.
  • Sheev Skeleton Fanatic.
  • Lilliania Has ALL the healing. Will still watch you die tho.
  • Desli Zarse Honestly don't even ask.
  • Dek'Za Some say he is his own best friend. Feydren
  • Kamira Kamer Kamar Kamair The one with the Ears!
  • Dexter Feydern artist.

Gone but not Forgotten

Retired and Deceased

  1. Essence Wrotan Paladin, Assassin, Networker, Dragon Bound, ect. (Deceased)
  2. Exith (Deceased?) Feysidious Queen Regent - SHE IS ALIVE AND WELL. (Characters that didn't age well, because they're dead)
  3. Talon Wolfbang Four Legged Werewolf of the Blood Fang Tribe. (Deceased)
  4. Sparrow They're smol
  5. Doctor Vee Male Harpie. Proud Cannibal.
  6. Oberon an Elf of Chaos Alignment (Deceased).
  7. Lady Nienna Dae: Nimorian Healer. (Deceased)
  8. Syllarin Una: (Deceased).
  9. Logan Jonah Feymori Dandy, Socialite. Not Dead. (Yes Dead)
  10. Duke Rana Dae, the Teflon-Coated One. (Deceased)
  11. Jiao Long Ronin (Deceased).
  12. Shykyrry. Purple hunter of House Yssyl. (Deceased)
  13. Mifune. (Deceased)
  14. Rahi Ack Vanzaang : A Fykari without the rage. [deceased]
  15. Ebenezer Good Burns Man with the Mojo…
  16. Thosi - Ex-Wolfkin, now Human. (Deceased)
  17. Tenebris Fey-tir…. Nut? Feynutir? (Deceased)
  18. Baelvanna, Fey-Tir Alchemist (Deceased).
  19. Mordin Solus, likes being imprisoned. (Deceased)
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