Ynyngywyyn Brykynclyw (Deceased)

(Pronounced: In-en-ga-wee-en Broken-claw)

More commonly known as Yngy (pronounced In-gee), this Dracosylph from House Kyryll is an amiable fellow, an associate of The Morigena Light Company and a student at the The Morigena Academy of Magic.

Physical Description

Yngy is a White Dracosylph, but has very soft scales as he is not a warrior. In addition, as a result of severe injuries received during his Rites of Passage, he has a hunched left shoulder and a vertical scar across his blind right eye; he also has significant scarring across his body and limbs, but he makes certain to keep these covered when around non-Dracosylph as they often find them disconcerting.


Yngy was born in 583AoF and raised in Lyrzeria as a member of House Kyryll, alongside his twin-brother Kylyngywyyn Stryngclyw (pronounced: K-eye-len-ga-wee-en Strong-claw), though Yngy follows his House' penchant for magical studies more strongly than his brother. At a young age it was found they possessed the gift of The Seer, though as a result of troubling dreams and visions Yngy neglected that area of expertise until fairly recently, focusing more heavily on the arts of Elemental, Elementary and Rudimentary Magic.

Eventually, Yngy's thirst for knowledge and his natural ability with magic began to outstrip and tax the capabilities and patience of the House Elders and he was sent to study at The Morigena Academy of Magic where he met Merryweather and Baelvanna. His timing was sore, however, as he arrived just in time to receive news of Skyrych Whytwyng's death whilst in a meeting with the then Assistant Dean.

Following this news it was decided that Yngy should go to join up with the The Morigena Light Company. He procrastinated at this task, somewhat reluctant to walk in the steps of the revered Skyrych, but he eventually encountered The Company in time to accompany them on a foray into Luustrokk to meet with Muldrow. Whilst suffering greatly from the heat here, he was instrumental in assisting Muldrow and The Company in bringing about the liberation of the Northern Feygorn States from Feydren and Ethereal Lord domination.

Since then he has spent significant time with The Morigena Light Company and its members, running training illusions and magical sparring practice, however, on an attempted journey to spend time with his family and Clutch, Yngy was diverted to House Dyrycnyzyr where he was allowed to observe the funereal rites held for Skyrych Whytwyng and the interment of some of his personal possessions in the great crypts of the house, reserved for the Heroes of The Dracosylph People.

Following this, Yngy headed to rejoin the The Light Company at the Dragonsfall Mead Hall of Duke Rana Dae, the new Admiral of the Navy of the Elemental Union, stationed at Wroth Cayeno. On his way there, Yngy encountered his friend Pliskin Iroquai with a group of others, including Duke Rana Dae, Leonidas the Lionkin and Shykyrry, a Purple Dracosylph hunter. They were en-route to hunt the Hunting Wood of Lyzeria for the Echo Wraith responsible for killing or abducting Pliskin's uncle.

The hunt was difficult and dangerous and Yngy strongly advised the headstrong young Morigena not to pursue the action, however, when it was obvious the boy's mind was set, Yngy accompanied the party into the wood and helped guide them there. During the hunt, all but Pliskin were abducted by the Echo Wraith, but Pliskin was able to find his friends and release them. They also found the missing uncle, though, whilst Pliskin fought and slew the powerful Echo Wraith responsible, his uncle begged Leonidas for release and the peace and solace of death, which the Lionkin granted him. Yngy felt sorrow for the young boy's loss as it completely overwhelmed Pliskin's triumph over the Echo Wraith and helped the party home to the Mead Hall with a sled of ice to carry Pliskin's uncle in state.

Yngy had an interesting time at the Mead Hall, encountering many new people and making new friends, then boarded the Whitewing, Duke Rana Dae's flagship, along with The Doctor for The Light Company's journey to Wroth Cayeno. Whilst not specifically involved in preparations for the coming battle with Findias, Yngy suffered a vision that lead to him becoming embroiled with attempts to stop a magical plot, involving the sympathetic magic of witchcraft; a plot to tear the veils between the worlds and make travel between the planes of existence easier. Simultaneously, Yngy also became involved in attempts to rescue refugees from the recently destroyed city of Nor Cavallel and to provide aid to others that wish to remain there.

Not long after this, Yngy assisted in the Battle of Wroth Cayeno of AoF915, however, the events of this battle took a bad turn for him and left him in a coma for several months and with a long term post-traumatic disorder that only served to accelerate the already encroaching madness of being a Seer. This turn of what could only be called bad luck, if luck existed, seemed to continue as a general trend. When not applying directly to Yngy, he was forced to watch his family begin to crumble because of the actions of two individuals and then, during the battle for the Castle of the Elemental Union, three things happened very quickly that left him reeling uncontrolled.

Ragoth, forced Black during the battle at the Castle, attacked Pliskin, tearing out the Morigena's throat and nearly killing him. Pliskin had barely been stabilised when Yngy suffered the psychic backlash of his twin brothers vicious death at the hands of a group of catkin. It took several hours for Yngy to recover from the shock of Kylyn's death, but it left him angry and torn, so when watching over the physically pacified Ragoth, he let his guard down and the Void took the advantage to try and get in.

It was ultimately unsuccessful, but Yngy became catatonic, not waking up for over a month, when his Elemental arrived. The Elemental did something that broke the strange sleep Yngy suffered from but in so doing infected him with a strange Void parasite. At Hiss Roc's request, Vale arrived and helped cleanse Yngy of this parasite, but in so doing, Yngy's one remaining eye was destroyed, leaving him blind and feeling alone in a way he had never known.

At this time the Sunguard, the vessel he was travelling on with what remained of his family, was headed to Luustrokk to help Narwen save her people. The attempt was a failure as the Void were a step ahead and in a fit of panic a Circle Guardian supernova'd. To all upon Urutau it looked like the Light Company and their allies were obliterated by this explosion and, still on the Sunguard, Yngy and Amber believed this to be true, so when Mithwen arrived on the ship and offered them to go with her, the last surviving member of the family, Yngy did not hesitate.

He knew what it meant to follow her and the only outcome that was likely, yet he had no other family and nowhere else to go that he could make alone, as a blind man. Anchored at sea, he could not even reach shore as he could not swim, let alone see which direction to travel. So when Mithwen fed from him it was not only expected, but a small part of him rejoiced, while another was scared for what would become of Amber. There was just nothing more he could do for her.

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