Cold Point

Cold Point is a manor in the county of Souwei-Lorsan in Hrivemir, formerly managed by the Knight, Sir Skyreach Whitewing, first of the Purple Dracosylph. The manor uses the Knight Game Play mechanics:

Economy: High.
Military: Low.
Technology: High (Alchemy).
Magic: Very High.
Population: Average.

Hex Map Locations:

1: The Village of Trykyn.
2: The Village of Dylphyn.
3: The Village of Gydylph.
4: Cold Point Manor Hall.
5: The Academy of Magic.
6: Lake Cold Point.
7: Gydylph Mine.
8: Dylphyn Quarry.
9: Trykyn Mine.

Notes: It has a lot of mages staying there who do not 'live' there. By majority the population are Purple Dracosylph, with some Morigena dwelling there also. The Academy of Magic is the main resource of income for the manor.

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