Coltrane is a Magic User, a Sea Turtle of unknown origins who first surfaced accompanying Rana Dae when he was the Captain of the Morigena Light Company. Often seen in the company of heroes, the sea turtle acts as a healer for the Elemental Union as and when required.

In late 913 of the Age of Fire he was captured by the Ethereal Lords during a quest to steal the Orb of the Feygorn from Luustrokk, and sentenced to incarceration in the demon prison of Purgatory One in an attempt to lure the Elemental Union into a trap.

Coltrane was rescued early in 914 of the Age of Fire, but not before his captors had removed his shell, and ruined his connection to magic - events that were to then be undone when Coltrane was in the Nimorian Kingdom during its invasion. Accompanying members of the Light Company, he helped to locate the secret temple beneath the capital of Vanora, and was present when the Priests there summoned Lord Morian for guidance. Coltrane was then chosen to be the vessel/ guardian of the Nimorian Orb, as it was grafted to him in the place of his lost shell and restored him above and beyond his previous magic using potential.

He also adopted three sea turtle eggs, found close to the Light Company base camp, what will become of these is currently unknown…

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