Corrupt Fykari

The Fykari who turn to the Void tend to group together in hordes who prey upon the weak and vulnerable.

Level One: Sense the Weak: The Fykari can sense those who lack strength (this is not accurate, but get an instinctive feel for those within a mile radius and a gauge of strength.

Level Two: Desertborn: The Fykari gain +2 Mundane dodges per day.

Level Three: Stealth: Three times per day, the Fykari can conceal their tracks against all mundane forms of Tracking.

Level Four: Desert Blood: The Fykari gains +4 Hits to all Locations.

Level Five: Blood Vendetta: The Fykari may sacrifice themselves to give a bonus of +5 Hits, +5 Dodges and the ability to do Enchanted Attacks to five tribal members that lasts until the Vendetta is settle or lasts for twenty four hours of until Lord Helios rises next in the sky.

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