Name: Crimson Khemi-No Atiya





The Burning Sands of the Khemi-No Nomads

Political Affiliation:

Paladin of the Phoenix Temple and New Recruit of The Light Company, before joining the light company, he worked a few months on board of the ship 'The Liberty' so that he could travel

Known Associates:

Astor The Red
The Liberty Crew
The Light Company

Known Rivals:

None Known

Known Enemies:

The Vidians

Known Skills:

Having spent most of his life living in the harsh environment of The Burning Sands, Most of his skills have been adapted to survive these lands, as of late, Crimson has been entrusted with higher forms of phoenix teachings and has bound himself to a scorpion he found in the desert named Scampers.

Known Family:

His mother and Father are still alive, he has Four Siblings, Aella (Older), Bast (Older), Daniya (Younger) and one brother named Salil (Younger), it is unknown the kind of relationship he shares with his family, has he was taken at a young age to be raised by the Phoenix Temple, which is something that is normally considered an Honour amongst Fykari



originally a scorpion that was encaged by a group of ulcas, scampers can get afraid while near them, lashing out if he feels too threatend, currently he is the age of a young adult.

(HP: 20, Dodges: 2, Immune to Mundane Singles-Triples, Calls: Quads, also has a poisonous sting)

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