The Daimyo:

Being one of the respected Samurai masters and warlords of the Fey-Sirona.


1: Must be Fey-Sirona.
2: Must have completed the Samurai skill list before this list may be stared.

Skill List:

Level One: Social Status: The Daimyo is a localised Clan Leader of the Fey-Sirona.

Level Two: Flicker: As per the Shugenja ability.

Level Three: Strong as the Wind: The Daimyo gains +3 Hits per Location.

Level Four: Fearless: The Daimyo is immune to Fear, be it mundane or enchanted.

Level Five: Strike of the Daimyo: Up to five times per day, the Daimyo may do a focused killing blow, requiring a three second preparation time to be able to call 'Fatal' or 'Sever'.

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