Daimyo Fusheshi Noryato

Daimyo Fusheshi Noryato is the King of the Fey-Sirona, Lord of Menyel-Tiriona and leader of the White Dragon Clan, Champion of the Element of Air.

He became King following the death of his father in 875 of the Age of Fire; his father was killed by Ethereal Lords.

It was his decision which led to the city being destroyed in battle against the Black Dragons of the Void over northern Khayeim in 911AoF, while allied forces help Gornang refugees flee their nation as it became overrun by the Ethereal Lords, a grievous blow to the world of Urutau and a harsh wake up call to the base fact that the Fey-Sirona were in the last stages of survival, with less than one thousand surviving in the world.

The Daimyo promised support to the Alliance of Fire in its early attempts to rally and march on to Wroth Gelrahan and its attempt to overthrow the machinations of the Wrotan Empire and its dominion over Khayeim - sparing a small group of Owl Riders as messengers for the Alliance of Fire army.

And while the Alliance of Fire clashed with the Wrotan Empire, following the advice of his Shugenja, and taking the decision to not be responsible for the demise of his race, Daimyo Fusheshi chose to pursue what may yet be controversial action. Shugenja were sent to the wreck of Menyel-Tiriona, a one-way ticket for them as the repairs to the city and opening of a portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire was to be their end, but they succeeded and the forces that remained under the Daimyo's control were reunited with their now floating city above the territories of the Angpyre.

The Daimyo then took further drastic action, fusing magic with the technology of the Angpyre, recovering the souls of fallen Fey-Sirona from the Elemental Plane of Air and storing them in 'Soul Orbs' which through the combination of Magic and Technology were then housed within 'Silver Samurai' and 'Golden Claws', mechanical creations, soldiers who would take the fight back to the Ethereal Lords.

Once enough to form a stable, sized army was amassed, the Fey-Sirona then returned to Urutau, taking position over the now fortified city of Wroth Gelrahan, with Daimyo Fusheshi taking part in a council of war to take back Khayeim.

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