Demesne Of Elijah

The demesne of Elijah dominates the central region of the Dark Mountains, all the way down to the Burning Sands, flanked by the demesne of Lillian, and the demesne of Vilio, and capped by the Grey Men Colonies. Elijah controls access to the Mountain of Ash and he and his followers have studied the arcane powers there, and are known as 'The Followers of the Dying Flame'.

The Followers of the Dying Flame:

Initiates who have studied at the Mountain of Ash and its secrets therein, to have access to this skill list, the character must be a Vampire, and have proven suitable for candidacy and approved by Elijah himself.

Level One: Fire's Kiss: The Initiate gains +1 Dodge per Night.

Level Two: Ash Seal: The Initiate gains +2 Hits to all Locations.

Level Three: Elemental Manipulation: By Spending a Blood Point, the Initiate may control Fire as per the Natural Ability used by the Gornang.

Level Four: Ashen Heart: The Initiate is now immune to the effects of Mundane Fire.

Level Five: Fire's Will: x5 Uses Only. By expending a Blood Point, the Initiate may destroy a wooden stake that has been impaled into their heart.

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