Demesne Of Vilio

The demesne of Vilio is to be found within the eastern sections of the Dark Mountains, with Khayeim to the east, the demesne of Elijah to the west, the Burning Sands to the south and the Labyrinth to the north.

The offspring of Vilio are somewhat martial minded, with many of them formed into a army known as 'the Soldiers of Steel' who have access to the following Skill List:

The Soldiers of Steel:

Level One: Arms Proficiency: The Character may make use of any weapon, and do 'Singles' with them.

Level Two: Armour Proficiency: Combined with their chosen form of armour, the character wears it better, so that it provides an additional +2 Hits per Location of protection.

Level Three: Balance of Blood: The character gains +3 Mundane Dodges per Night.

Level Four: Mighty Blows: The character gains +4 Knock-Backs, or Knock-Downs per Night.

Level Five: Savage Wounds: By spending a Blood Point, the character may make a call of 'Sever' or 'Crush' per point of blood spent, the call has a five-minute expiry date before it is lost, or must be renewed with a fresh point of blood.

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